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Established in 1994, Qdos is a pioneer manufacturer of Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) in Malaysia, owned by Suiwah Corp, a Bursa-Malaysia-Listed conglomerate. Equipped with highly automated state-of-the-art facilities, Qdos provides a comprehensive FPC solution, covering circuit design, prototype fabrication, mass-production and SMT assembly. As a reliable partner and world-class manufacturer, Qdos is certified with ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, Sony Green Partnership and Canon Green Procurement.

Our Quality, Delivery and Outstanding Service are the pillars that form the foundation of Qdos Flexcircuits today. Our commitment towards excellence in FPC engineering has earned Qdos a reputable track record and long-term partnerships with numerous blue-chip OEMs. Qdos is a proud appointed vendor to telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics, military and aerospace customers in more than 20 countries including the United States, Germany, and Japan.


  • FPC, MIS
    We provide a wide range of FPCs, including single-sided, double-sided, multi layer, rigid flex, thin core PCB and assembly (FPCA).
    We have launched Molded Interconnect Substrate (MIS). MIS technology redefines coreless IC substrates.

  • Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) 

    Single-sided Flex (Consists of a single conductor layer on a flexible dielectric film, Ideal for dynamic flexing applications, Most common type of FPC).

    Double-sided Flex (Consists of two conductors layers with plated through holes, Enables higher circuit density, Allows electronic components termination on both sides).

    Multi-layer Flex (Consists of three or more layers of conductors, Layer may not be continuosly laminated together, Combines the advantages of high density and flexibility).

    Rigid Flex (Hybrid construction consisting of rigid and flexible substrates laminated together into a single package, Specialty product for military and high end commercial applications).

    Flex Assembly (FPCA) (SMT and through hole assembly services, Able to assemble IC, connector, metal dome, poron pad, passive component and LED, Provides tunkey solutions).

    Special Flex (Double access flex-Single conductor layer accessed from both sides, Sculptures flex-FPC with different copper thickness and depth on a single board, Split-flex- Two or more single-sided flexes laminated together except the dynamic area, Thin core PCB-Single and double-sided rigid PCB with a thin FR4 film ranging from 0,1mm to 0.4mm).

    Molded Interconnect Substrate (MIS)

    MIS is a new technology with huge potential to replace Lead Frame and BGA Substrate. The use of build-up technology and a breakthrough from the conventional polymer core enables MIS technology to produce super fine circuitry and to enable high performance applications, particularly those with 4G, low noise and high frequency requirements. MIS technology redefines coreless IC substrate. This cutting-edge technology provides an innovative solution to BGA, QFN, WB and fine pitch FC semiconductor packaging.

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