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Headquartered in Germany, VERMES Microdispensing revolutionized microdispensing technology with the introduction of its contact-free piezo-based MDS 3000 series in 2001. Today, the company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative microdispensing concepts and systems for adhesives, silicones, greases, solvents, and other fluids.

VERMES high precision Micro Dispensing Systems support modern manufacturing processes throughout the globe, e.g. for automotive, pharmacology, smartphones, displays, wafers, automated manufacture of LEDs, MEMS components, RFID tags, LC displays, and many other electronic devices.

Our systems enable our customers to achieve contact-free dispensing of highly viscous media droplets in the micro and nano-liter range at theoretical frequencies of more than 3000 Hz; a rate that is unique in our industry.

VERMES Microdispensing employees are dedicated to providing the best technologies and services to its customers around the world with the ultimate aim of contributing to increased throughput, improved quality, and lower production costs.

We forge close working relationships with our customers and suppliers. As their trusted and reliable partner, we ensure that we’re always exceeding their expectations and support them optimally to achieve the best solutions with our extensive experience with dispensing different fluids and our development and research know-how. 


  • MDS 3283
    High Frequency and High Precision System
    High-Speed Piezo Technology
    Contact-free Dispensing
    Latest Frame Technology Provides exceptional Stability and Resistance to Expansion and Break Elongation
    Fast and Comfortable Configuration with Top Adjust...

  • The jet dispensing system MDS 3283 is based on the proven piezoelectric actuator with all the advantages of contact-free dispensing. The system is characterized by its new valve design ensuring the highest performance, cost-effective productivity, and excellent dispensing results with uniform and reproducible droplets.

    The valve is equipped with the extremely user-friendly "Top Adjust" that allows a quick and comfortable adjustment of the tappet and nozzle from the top. Parameter settings can be quickly and easily changed during operation. This allows the system to rapidly adjust to changing conditions, such as variations in material viscosity, modifications of dispensing patterns, and the application of different dispensing quantities.

    This new and unique design makes the solution supply rotatable, allowing the very small and light valves to be perfectly adapted to a variety of tasks, including the desired dispensing direction. It enables fast and seamless integration into the most inaccessible or confined spaces.

    The system guarantees free pairing of nozzle and tappet. The tappet can be changed while the valve remains in its operating position, avoiding difficult part replacement and critical service outages. The nozzle heater is integrated in the Fluid Box Body and keeps it constantly at optimum temperature without taking up much space. Due to the continuous temperature control and the control of the material pressure, the dispensing quality remains absolutely constant until the cartridge/container has been emptied.

  • MDS 3050
    Performing most precise industrial low to medium viscosity applications
    Fast and Comfortable Configuration with Side Adjust
    Latest Frame Technology Provides exceptional Stability and Resistance to Expansion and Break Elongation
    Optional Heater Component...

  • The modular design of the MDS 3050 system and the freely adjustable parameter settings enable a flexible use with fluids of low and medium viscosity. It also allows the creation of user-defined configurations with a variety of nozzles and fluid boxes for each media and dot size.

    The systems' controller MDC 3090+ is also compatible with all valves of the MDV 3010 and the MDV 3020 series. The piezo technology accelerates the dispense cycle with extremely fast opening and closing times of the valve resulting in the highest throughput and enhanced system performance.

    The system performs complex dispensing patterns, dispenses lines with different widths, and immediate change of drop size and speed. It dispenses several hundred shots within a second, and this with very high repeatability precision of drop-to-drop dispensing to a viscosity of 8,000 mPas. The solution is perfect for micro-applications with ever more complex functions, and fast and highly accurate production processes in which exact application of high-quality with low to medium viscosity media is essential.

    Also, the utilization of high abrasion-resistant materials in the unique tappet suspension of the new MDS 3050 series achieves an enormous reduction in wear and maximum stability. Optionally, a local nozzle heater can be added at any time and works perfectly with the external VERMES Microdispensing Multi-Functional Controller MFC 3000 and the Heater Controller MHC 48 Series.

  • MDS 1560 - powered by DST
    Powered by DST
    Wide Range of Applications
    Most Perfect Dispensing Results
    Unique Compression Technology for highest Power + Speed
    Simple Parameter Settings
    Easy Set-up + Maintenance
    Integrated heater...

  • DST - Dynamic Shockwave  Technology - VERMES Microdispensing’s revolutionary actuator principle significantly optimizes the valve’s actuator yield in order to achieve a most perfect dispensing result. The new VERMES Microdispensing technology allows for the MDV 1560 to perform at maximum dispensing frequency, faster than any electro-pneumatic jet valve on the market.

    An integrated temperature system, including nozzle heating and monitoring, delivers permanently stable temperature and perfect viscosity conditions for all dispensing media. The MDS 1560 has optimized channel guidance and configuration of the compression geometries. Dispensing parameters can be easily modified to dispense the perfect line regardless of the varying conditions.

    The MDV 1560 valve is mountable from three sides to a dispensing machine and has a rotatable fluid box for maximum system integration flexibility.  The bayonet fluid box turns the tappet change into a fast and easy activity without the need for additional tools. Full compatibility to VERMES Microdispensing consumables and spare parts gives maximum configuration flexibility.

  • MDS 1560 Hot Melt System - powered by DST
    Perfect Solution for all types of Hot Melt Applications
    Designed for Hot Glue Adhesives Dispensing
    Ideal for Electronic Manufacturing
    Freely adjustable Parameter Settings
    Complex Pattern Dispensing Options
    Highest Media Life Preservation...

  • The VERMES Microdispensing Hot Melt System is an optimal solution for the dispensing of polyurethane-based hot melt adhesives. In combination with the cartridge heater and nozzle heater, the system can precisely adjust to the requested temperature.

    The system is powered by DST – Dynamic Shockwave Technology – which optimizes the valve's yield for the most perfect dispensing results allowing the dispensing valve to operate with extremely fast opening and closing cycles. The precise setting of stroke and force enable to dispense hot glue in ultra-fine dots/lines.

    Freely adjustable parameter settings facilitate the customization of the jet properties to the respective requirements and fluid properties. The electronic control unit allows the change of the dispensing parameters without delay. The hot melt cartridge cylinder reduces heating-up time and cartridge changing time to receive optimum heating and humidity adjustments and optimized preservation of hot melt life.

  • MDS 5100
    Active self-adjust functionality without operator
    Automated temperature compensation whilst
    Highest repeatability, accuracy, and process stability

  • VERMES Microdispensing Systems of the MDS 5100 Series assist our customers to achieve optimal dispensing results by incorporating various benefits and advantages: 
    • Active self-adjust functionality without operator involvement
    • Automated temperature compensation whilst dispensing
    • Highest repeatability, accuracy, and process stability 
    • Automated wear and tear compensation
    • Controlled Piezo cooling (no external heating required)
    • Advanced process communication via Ethernet
    • Integrated nozzle heating and an integrated cartridge pressure control
    • Tappet position control
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