Dockweiler Asia Co., Ltd.

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Dockweiler Tube Systems - for High Purity Media

Dockweiler has developed from a trading company to a leading supplier of tube systems worldwide.
Dockweiler’s stainless steel tube programs, TCC, finetron and Ultron are considered to be products of the highest technical standard of surface quality and purity and are widely specified by the engineering and design companies and end users of the semiconductor industry and photovoltaic.

Today Dockweiler is a global corporation, with extensive stocks worldwide and own production facilities in Germany and Thailand.

New products: Flextron (electropolished corrugated hoses), Zerocon (the new tube connection for gas applications, as tight as a weld seam), R4i Manifolds (customized - ready for installation manifolds - with ball or diaphragm valves).


  • Stainless Steel Tubes & Fittings
    For the highest requirements for surfaces, purity and corrosion resistance in high-tech industries....

  • Tube Systems for high-purtity media

    Our Ultron, TCC, TCC.1 and Finetron tubes and fittings meet the highest demands of surface quality and purity in the semiconductor industry or in other high-tech industries.

    For the safe transport of e.g. explosive, toxic and corrosive media, we offer a safe solution with the COAX double-wall tube system. COAX consists of an internal process tube and an external safety tube.

    With a stock of over 1,500 kilometers of tubes and approx. 1 million fittings, we guarantee the fastest availability.

  • Flextron
    Electropolished corrugated hoses from stainless steel - the flexible solution with the purity of Ultron

  • Flextron from Dockweiler is manufactured from mechanically corrugated stainless steel tubes. High quality standard material is stainless steel 1.4404. A stainless steel wire braiding is added for higher pressure resistance.

    The unique combination of electropolished surface and flexible corrugated hose minimizes the risk of contamination and enables gas transport under full UHP conditions throughout the system.

  • Dockweiler HPMO Cylinders - Bubbler
    For the safe transport and storage of critical or high purity media....

  • For the safe transport and storage of critical or high purity media, Dockweiler process vessels meet the highest standards for the storage, transport and removal of organometallic compounds in fine chemistry or the semiconductor industry. With our HPS (high purity solid state) series we are the only manufacturer worldwide that also offers these cylinders for solids.

    From melt selection and the most careful orbital welding seams to the perfect inner surface, our bubblers offer typically high Dockweiler quality.

    Extensive tests of the entire cylinders protect the environment and people. All process vessels have the necessary DOT and ADR approvals for proper transport.

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