UBOT Incorporated Pte Ltd

  • Booth: N1016

•Building partnerships with our unique technology and value-added engineering service
•The UBoT engineering design and manufacturing center is in Dong Guan, the heart of the manufacturing hub of Southern China
•UBoT has sales & technical support office plus just-In-time warehouses located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai Mainland China. Plus Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines Singapore, Malaysia and USA, which include all the major semiconductor manufacturing hubs

 Press Releases

  • (Mar 21, 2022)

    Founded 2005 by a team of experts from the semiconductor industry

    Headquartered at Hong Kong and manufacturing plant located at Dongguan, China

    Appox. 500 employees worldwide

    Sales offices (12) and JIT warehouses (9) worldwide

    Provide engineering packing solution & full service to Backend Semiconductor industry

    Over 300M trays were sold in the past 10 years

    Top 3 JEDEC Tray supplier

    Global Semiconductor Customers with long term contracts

    Main product - JEDEC tray, Tape and Reel

    Over 1000 open toolings available for JEDEC tray

    50 Fully Automated Injection machines. Total output can be reached 4.0KK pcs/month

    Our materials are proprietary formula co-developed with our strategic suppliers.

    Full range of engineered plastic material available – MPES, MPPO, MPPE, MPSU, ABS, PC & PS.

    World class quality certificate: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007

    Full compliance to RoHS, REACH, Sony green Partners & EICC Code of Conduct


  • JEDEC Trays
    World leading brand
    Full range of package types, sizes with available open toolings
    Precise and accurate pocket pitching
    Light weight
    Wide range of material...

  • •World leading brand
    •Full range of package types, sizes with available open toolings
    •Precise and accurate pocket pitching
    •Light weight
    •Wide range of material
  • Carrier Tape
    Advanced high-speed mechine
    Tri-laminate structure
    Strong pocket
    Consistent hole pitch
    Cost effective
    Complex pocket design rotary tooling technology
    High precision tooling

  • •Advanced high-speed mechine
    •Tri-laminate structure
    •Strong pocket
    •Consistent hole pitch
    •Cost effective
    •Complex pocket design rotary tooling technology
    •High precision tooling
  • Cover Tape
    High adhesive to Carrier Tape
    Excellent transparency
    Low variation at different temperature

  • •Heal-seal
    •High adhesive to Carrier Tape
    •Excellent transparency
    •Low variation at different temperature
  • Shipping Reel
    Light weight
    Strong locking system
    Quick coating process
    Fast assembly concept
    Universal flange design

  • •Light weight
    •Strong locking system
    •Quick coating process
    •Fast assembly concept
    •Universal flange design
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