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Looking for thin film metrology instruments?

We are Malvern Panalytical, the world’s leading manufacturer of precision analytical solutions for the purpose of R & D and quality control. We are the only manufacturer of X-ray analytical instrumentation that has our own X-ray tube factory. Leveraging on more than 100 years of its expertise in X-ray tube R & D and manufacturing, Malvern Panalytical is better poised to offer flexibility in our overall X-ray instrumentation design. More importantly, we offer a ready and cost effective supply of tubes to customers.

Malvern Panalytical is closely associated with the electronics industry with a wide range of solutions across the entire value chain:

  • XRF (2830 ZT) delivers thickness and composition information for a wide range of thin films, with contamination and dopant levels and surface uniformity on wafers up to 300mm in size.
  • XRD (X'Pert3 MRD and X'Pert3 MRD XL) provides absolute, calibration-free, and accurate information on crystal growth, giving material composition, film thickness, grading profile, and phase and crystal quality.
  • Laser diffraction (Mastersizer 3000) measures particle size distribution in powder and slurry dispersions, e.g. CMP slurry and electronic display materials.
  • Imaging (Morphologi 4) analyzes particle shape and morphology using automated imaging. 
  • Zeta potential (Zetasizer Range) determines the stability of slurries used in the electronics industry through the measurement of zeta potential. It also measures particle size in nano-particle suspensions.
  • GPC/SEC (OMNISEC) analyses size, molecular weight, intrinsic viscosity, branching, and other parameters for polymers used in the electronics industry. 
  • XRF (Epsilon 4): A chemical composition analysis of raw materials and finished products and RoHS/WEEE analysis of electronic components.
  • XRD (Aeris): A crystalline phase analysis of raw materials and finished products in electronics industry.

 Press Releases

  • Almelo, the Netherlands – Malvern Panalytical, a leading analytical instruments and services supplier, today launches a Cleanroom Package for its X’Pert3 MRD XL X-ray diffractometer. This squeaky-clean solution will help researchers and manufacturers adapt to the semiconductor industry’s toughening demands, and drive cutting-edge new semiconductor innovation.

    Even a speck of dust can severely disrupt semiconductor processes and quality. As manufacturers of consumer goods face demand for more complicated devices, and many research-oriented companies scale up from laboratory to production, a contamination-free environment is increasingly important.

    The MRD XL Cleanroom Package might be a simple-looking box, but it makes a big difference to this issue. How? By providing a cleanroom-compliant solution for X-ray diffraction (XRD) on wafers! The package consists of a durable, motorized fan filter unit for Malvern Panalytical’s X'Pert3 MRD XL instrument. The unit’s pre-filter and HEPA filter remove airborne particles with a separation efficiency of at least 99.995% – ensuring a clean flow of air on and around the wafer sample inside the instrument.

    With cleanroom compliance up to ISO Class 4, the MRD XL Cleanroom Package is suitable for laboratories, medical facilities, and microenvironments, helping companies transition smoothly to production. It can be retrofitted to the MRD XL without physically changing the instrument cabinet. Together, this combination of features will allow companies to explore a world of new semiconductor possibilities with minimal extra investment. For more information, click here

    Dr Tim Gorter, Metrology Solutions Application Specialist, Malvern Panalytical: “The MRD XL has always offered the flexibility to grow with our customer’s needs, and our Cleanroom Package continues this approach. Thanks to its cleanroom compliance and retrofit possibilities, it will enable our customers to analyze wafer samples in a wider range of environments without having to invest in a new instrument. By continuing to innovate and add new features, we’ll make sure our customers are always ready for the next challenge.



    When you make the invisible visible, the impossible is possible.

    Our analytical instruments and services help our customers to create a better world. Through chemical, physical and structural analysis of materials, they improve everything from the energies that power us and the materials we build with, to the medicines that cure us and the foods we enjoy.

    We partner with many of the world’s biggest companies, universities and research organisations. They value us not only for the power of our solutions, but also for the depth of our expertise, collaboration and integrity.

    Our roots

    Once, we were two companies: Malvern Instruments and PANalytical. Now we are one, with over 2,200 people worldwide, and part of Spectris plc, the world-leading precision measurements Group.



  • Thin film thickness and composition with 2830ZT
    Designed specifically for the semiconductor and data storage industry, the 2830 ZT Wafer Analyzer enables the determination of layer composition, thickness, dopant levels and surface uniformity for a wide range of wafers up to 300 mm....

  • Designed specifically for the semiconductor and data storage industry, the 2830 ZT Wafer Analyzer enables the determination of layer composition, thickness, dopant levels and surface uniformity for a wide range of wafers up to 300 mm.

    Supporting your analysis in:

    • Dielectrics: BPSG, PSG, BSG, ASG
    • Doped polysilicon
    • Barrier films and stacks: Ta, TaN, WCxNy, TiN, Si3N4
    • Silicides/salicides: TiSix, CoSix, WSix, NiSix
    • Metallization films and stacks: Cu, AlCu, Ti, W, Au, Pt, AuGe, Ag, Sn, etc
    • Low-k dielectrics: FSG, SiOF
    • High-k dielectrics: HfO2, HfAlOx, Ta2O5, etc
    • TMR and GMR related films and stacks: CoFe(B), AlOx, Ru, NiFe, IrMn, CrPtMn, etc
    • PRAM and FeRAM films: PZT, SBT, BLT, GeSbTe
    • SAW and BAW films and stacks: Al, Cu, AlCu, Ti, Ta, Pt
    • SiGe
    • Phase change materials: GeSbTe, InSbTe, SeAgGe, GeAsT

    Fast and cost-effective multi-layer analysis
    • Powerful Fundamental Parameter software
    • Analysis of stacks up to 16 layers
    • Simultaneous measurement of up to 24 elements
    • Intuitive operation

    Seamless fab integration
    • Efficient, compact system design
    • From manual to fully automated wafer loading
    • Compliance to all relevant standards

    A complete solution
    • Excellent tool matching
    • Complete support

    Unrivalled productivity, reliability and sensitivity of light element performance.

    All thanks to our advanced 4 kW SST-mAX X-ray tube, featuring groundbreaking ZETA technology which eliminates the effects of X-ray tube aging – by far the largest contributor to instrument drift. The 2830 ZT maintains these qualities throughout its entire lifetime. Malvern Panalytical is proud to be the only X-ray manufacturer with our own X-ray tube R & D and manufacturing center. That gives our customers an edge in ready supply and clever engineering of our tubes to suit the demands of our instruments. 

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