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Over 100 years of experience, we have built our reputation on understanding the needs of scientists and engineers that require both the accuracy of a measurement system and its precision where stability and reproducibility ensure that repeated measurements under unchanged conditions show the same results.

In Yokogawa T&M, we are in the business of accuracy and precision. ‘Precision’ is what we make and ‘Precision Making’ is what we do. We are the ‘Precision Makers’.

That is why scientists and engineers see Yokogawa T&M as the world’s most trusted measurement partner.


  • WT5000 Digital Power Meter
    WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer, engineers have a versatile platform that not only delivers reliable measurements today but is ready for the challenges of tomorrow.


  • The WT5000 delivers:
    Reliability – With a guaranteed accuracy of
    ±0.03%, harmonic comparisons up to the 500th
    order, and custom computations, the WT5000
    delivers multichannel measurements that
    everyone can trust.
    Versatility – Seven slots for user-swappable
    power elements and diverse options enable
    expansion and reconfiguration of the WT5000 as
    application needs change. Additionally, the
    speed and torque from four separate motors
    can be measured.
    Simplicity – With a full touchscreen experience,
    supported by hardware hotkeys and powerful
    software for remote measurements, connecting,
    configuring, and measuring power has never
    been easier.
  • 8chs DLM5000 Digital Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
    More channels,
    more possibilities,
    more insight...

  • Simple – With a highly responsive touchscreen,
    users can intuitively navigate through a variety of
    menus, access zoom features, and search
    for and identify specific events in a waveform,
    while still having access to the traditional
    oscilloscope control panel. The DLM5000 is
    compact 8-channel scope, making it ideal for
    your laboratory and design environments.
    Adaptable – With up to 8 analog channels
    and 32 bits of logic, along with additional
    math channels, vehicle serial bus,
    and other analysis features, the DLM5000
    provides the flexibility users need to capture
    every measurement. Additionally,
    DLMsync supports multi-unit synchronization
    extending measurements up to 16 channels to
    gain even more application insights.
    Dependable – Yokogawa is committed to
    measurement quality, and the DLM5000 features
    low residual noise, extensive voltage ranges
    and a variety of real-time low pass filters to
    ensure signal fidelity. The history memory allows
    users to save and analyze each trigger captured,
    ensuring no data will be lost. Its purpose-built
    operating system makes the DLM5000 stable and reliable.
  • DLM3000 series Digital Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
    The new DLM3000 builds on Yokogawa’s
    oscilloscope legacy with new features
    focusing on quality, flexibility and usability.


  • Quality – Yokogawa is committed to
    measurement quality, and the DLM3000 features
    lower residual noise, extensive voltage ranges
    and a variety of real-time low pass filters to
    ensure the fidelity of your signals.
    Flexibility – Channel count and memory depth
    options combined with optional Power Math and
    serial bus features including major automotive
    buses ensures an oscilloscope can be
    configured for a variety of needs.
    Usability – The combination of a touchscreen
    with a traditional panel of oscilloscope controls
    allows users to seamlessly transition, while
    communication and storage options make it
    easy to access large data sets.
  • DL950 High Speed Data Logger
    DL950 ScopeCorder captures and analyzes
    a wide variety of electrical, physical sensor
    signals and serial buses. It offers a unique
    combination of high sampling rates, for a
    detailed view and long recording times to
    monitor trends over time....

  • Insight – Analyze the finest waveform details
    while observing multi-channel measurements
    over longer periods of time. The DL950 offers a
    unique combination of high-speed sampling and
    signal fidelity of an oscilloscope and the longterm
    data recording capabilities of a recorder.
    The DL950 measures signals at a high bit
    resolution and secures data in the harshest
    environments with superior noise-immunity and
    isolation technology.
    Versatility – The eight available slots can be
    equipped with a selection of over 20 types of
    input modules, to combine measurements of
    electrical signals, mechanical performance
    parameters indicated by sensors, and decoded
    vehicle serial bus signals. For even more
    channels, up to five DL950s can be
    Usability – A new application menu simplifies
    the pre-measurement setup of various
    applications. A large touch screen is also
    provided for ease of use and visibility.
    Efforts to protect the global environment, as
    represented by the United Nations
    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are
    spreading on a global scale. In order to
    achieve a decarbonized society and
    eliminate the need for fossil fuels, new
    renewable energy sources and energy
    efficient technologies for transportation,
    home, and industrial appliances are being
    To minimize energy losses and to optimize
    efficiency of designs, engineers require a
    detailed understanding of their application’s
    electrical and mechanical behavior. The
    DL950 ScopeCorder captures and analyzes
    a wide variety of electrical, physical sensor
    signals and serial buses. It offers a unique
    combination of high sampling rates, for a
    detailed view and long recording times to
    monitor trends over time.
  • OSA AQ6377
    The world’s most trusted Optical Spectrum Analyzer.
    Yokogawa’s AQ6370 OSA Series can satisfy
    the specific test and measurement needs of
    R&D and manufacturing centers belonging
    to any industry....

  • The AQ6370 OSA Series delivers:
    Reliability – The most trusted OSAs in the
    world thanks to their unmatched measurement
    accuracy, robustness and proven quality.
    Performance – Best in class, state of the art
    and high-precision instruments that keep pace
    with the ever changing and quickly evolving
    optical technology.
    Expertise – For more than 30 years, our R&D
    and Product Specialist teams have been
    listening to the needs of OSA users to
    continuously provide them with innovative and
    effective solutions for their measuring challenges.
  • Multi Calibrator CA500 Series
    The CA500 and CA550, are
    the new high-performance
    and multi-function
    calibrators from Yokogawa.
    These newer models offer
    useful functions for field
    work and provide improved
    source and measurement

  • The CA500/550 delivers
    Versatility – Multi-function
    support allows accurate
    inspection of various field
    devices. Its robust and
    ruggedized body allows
    operation even in severe
    environmental conditions.
    Usability – New features
    provide powerful
    measurement functions to
    support field inspection.
    Durability – Energy efficient
    design allows for longer
    battery life, up to 16 hours, for
    long term field use.
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