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Cotel Precision was locally incorporated in early of 1995. The company business nature is to provide solution for precision measuring instruments and tools, as well as material testing equipment to manufacturing industries. It offers full range of services, from proposing the right solution, suppy/installation, application support and maintenance of the hardware and software.

To date, Cotel’s large installed base is indicative of the acceptance and reliance of its range of high quality products as well as its services. Cotel’s customers ranging from SME, Multinational companies, government education institution and so on.

Cotel is offering complete solutions for multi-dimensional metrology in QA laboratory and production. The offering encompasses full range of CMM, form measuring machine, non-contact measuring machines and measuring handtools. Its range also cover ovens, furnaces, hardness tester and metallography machines/accessories. The extensive range of products from Cotel enable the users of Cotel products to perform any measuring tasks.


  • Vision Engineering Lynx EVO
    Eyepiece-less Stereo Microscope...

  • Work better, for longer

    The Lynx EVO was designed to increase productivity through superior ergonomics. Whatever your challenge – inspection, production, reworking, or anything else requiring magnification – 3D depth perception and bright, high resolution, high contrast images lets you work comfortably and with greater concentration. Magnifications from 2.7x to 240x make it ideal for a wide range of applications.

    Greater efficiency

    Providing enhanced hand-to-eye coordination, more working space for tools and better peripheral vision for easy interaction with the your working environment, Lynx EVO transforms the way you work. And with no eyepieces to adjust, it’s easy to share between multiple users, increasing productivity and ensuring maximum return on your investment.

    Dynascope technology for superior imaging

    Dynascope has redefined the science of microscopy, overcoming the physical limitations of conventional microscopes to help laboratories and workshops improve quality and productivity. At its heart there is a multi-lenticular disc which incorporates more than 3.5 million individual lenses or ‘lenticules’, each just a few microns in diameter.  The multi‐lenticular disk spins at high speed to merge the millions of individual optical paths into a high‐clarity, high contrast image.

    Exceptional ease of use

    Lynx EVO is extremely easy to use. There are no eyepieces to set up for different users, and focusing and illumination is controlled with simple dials. Dual iris control is managed with a single slide mechanism.

    Health and productivity

    The award-winning Lynx EVO delivers substantial benefits over traditional binocular microscopes, including the ability to wear prescription or safety glasses, superior imaging with less eyestrain, freedom of head movement, better posture, and dramatically improved operator comfort even during longer sessions.  It all adds up to greater productivity, faster throughput, improved hand-eye co-ordination and fewer errors.

  • Vision Engineering Swift PRO
    Dual Optical & Video Measuring Machine...

  • Easy to use, dual optical and video measuring system for precision engineering

    Swift PRO takes the work out of measuring precision-engineered components and reporting the results. With advanced functionality and the benefits of both video and optical measurement technologies, its exceptional ease of use and industry-standard outputs make it a great choice for all manufacturing environments.

    Improved productivity

    Because Swift PRO measuring microscopes are so easy to use, they can be operated by anyone from shift workers to advanced users, with minimal training. The exceptional ease of use brings you fast, accurate measurements and a greater return on your investment.

    Two metrology devices in one

    Swift PRO combines two measuring microscopes in a single, robust device, saving space and money.  Use video measuring for bulk and routine work, where the edges of features can be easily identified.  For more challenging subjects, with very low contrast between the feature and the background, switch to optical measurement.  The unique Dynascope  eyepiece-less technology provides high contrast, microscope-resolution images for easy, accurate measuring.

    Cost efficient

    Not only does Swift PRO gives you two powerful measurement systems in one compact device, saving you money, but the ability to switch effortlessly between optical and video measurement improves quality control and traceability, with fewer returns and less scrap.

    Intuitive metrology software

    The advanced functionality of Swift PRO includes our industry-leading M-series metrology software for quick, accurate part inspections, plus CAD-style part view display for easy inspection of the measured data, and more.


    The dual technology of Swift PRO makes it ideal for a wide range of non-contact measurement of plastic parts, medical devices, PCBs, machined parts for aerospace, automotive and military use, and any other precision engineering environment.

    Choosing the model that’s right for you

    There are three models in the range to choose from.  Swift PRO Duo features both optical and video measurement systems; Swift PRO Cam is our video-only model, and the rugged Swift PRO Elite, which features the Mx200 digital readout, is an excellent replacement for traditional toolmakers’ microscopes.

  • Otsuka O-LIGHT5
    Illuminated LED magnifier with square lens...

  • The OLIGHT5-B model is a self-supporting desktop product. The lens has been enlarged by 150% to compare with OLIGHT3. Continuous dimming has been greatly expanded from 100% to 10%. The AR coating is standardized to alleviate eye fatigue even over long periods of use. The square shape of the lens cuts down on the distortion around the periphery of the lens that occurs with round lenses, making it possible to work for long periods of time. The ON/OFF switch is located in the head for improved operability. Newly-designed clamps are compact and do not interfere with the work space, considering the strength and workability. An AC adapter is used for power supply.

  • Trimos TR SCAN Premium
    Optical Surface Form Nano Measuring Instrument...

  • Analyze surfaces texture with nanometer precision is already a technological challenge, but TR Scan Premium is able to perform this task with unprecedented speed!

    The TR Scan Premium is used in workshops and laboratories worldwide. It is completely designed and manufactured in Switzerland by TRIMOS. The TR Scan is focusing on Digital Holographic Imaging Technology. Accuracy, speed, ease of use and modular construction make it ideal for all types of surface measurements.

    The TR Scan adapts a large range of materials such as steel, aluminium, brass, titanium, silicon, gold, ceramics, glass etc. The system can be tailored to fit the requirements of many industries: Automotive, Aircraft, Machine Tool, Watch, Railway, Medical, Materials, Optics, Electronic...

  • Kosaka ET4000
    Benchtop Microfigure Profiler / Step Height / Nano Roughness Measuring Machine (Contact Type)...

  • Excellent in accuracy, stability and functionality, ET4000 is a fully automatic, most appropriate for measurement of micro figure, step height and roughness of FPD, wafers, hard disks, and other nano-order application. ET4000 series can be selected from a number of models according to applications.

  • Sylvac Measuring Handtool with Wireless Connection
    Integrated Bluetooth connection for calipers, micrometers, bore gauges, indicators and so on...

  • Sylvac has a Bluetooth solution to many of your communication requirements. With Sylvac calipers, micrometers and indicators, all with INTEGRATED Bluetooth capability, wireless transmission is easy. They are easy to connect and are also comparable with windows computers, Android and IOS devices. 
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