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 Press Releases

  • The Symmetry S3 is the only genuine all-in-one EBSD detector on the market, and is developed from the previous Symmetry detector, the world’s first EBSD detector to utilise advanced CMOS technology. Symmetry S3 uses a customised CMOS sensor and fibre optics to unlock a unique and powerful combination of speed, sensitivity, and diffraction pattern detail. After two-year development, the highest analysis speed of the Symmetry S3 has been improved from 4500 pps up to 5700 pps. This enables texture and grain size characterisation in a matter of seconds, yet this is achieved without requiring high beam currents or sacrificing pattern resolution. 

    The Symmetry S3 detector has an outstanding performance coupled with ease of use, making it the ideal detector for all EBSD applications:

    • Guaranteed indexing speeds > 5700 patterns per second (pps)
    • Fibre-optic lens delivering unrivalled sensitivity
    • Highest sensitivity > 1000 pps / nA
    • Full megapixel resolution (1244 x 1024) patterns – ideal for high angular resolution (HR)-EBSD strain analyses
    • Sub-pixel distortion, ensuring an angular precision below 0.05°
    • Software controlled tilting interface coupled with autocalibration – perfect positioning and indexing for all sample sizes and geometries
    • Unique proximity sensor – detects potential collisions before they happen and automatically moves the detector to a safe position
    • Five integrated forescatter detectors (optional), providing full colour complementary channelling contrast and atomic number contrast images.


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