Phaos Technology Pte Ltd

  • Booth: N313

Phaos Technology Pte Ltd is an advanced optics technology startup based in Singapore.

At Phaos, we believe that optical related technology is the key to improving the future, hence our company focuses on research and development of advanced optical-related technologies, and making them accessible to the mass market.

The company strives to make nanoscopic at a fraction of cost of expensive microscopes, using advanced technology.


  • PT-i Series
    Your Customizable Industrial Microscope...

  • Used mostly in R&D, institutes, semiconductor, wafer inspection to see micro-structures. PT-i Industrial Microscope also comes with Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC and Polarization.
  • OptoNano 200
    Achieving optical super-resolution imaging beyond existing light diffraction limit....

  • In collaboration with SigmaKoki (Japan), Optonano is a microscope with a microsphere between the sample and the objective lens. In the imaging process, the microsphere firstly forms an enlarged virtual image. Such magnified virtual image replaces the original object as the imaging target of the microscope.
  • PT Metrology Series
    One Click Precision Measurement...

  • Vision Software provides diagnosis and analysis with statistical methods.

    Double Telecentric Optical Lens provides accurate measurement across the entire depth of field without focusing multiple times.

    Intelligent Lighting System comprises of four segment illumination (white light) & telecentric transmission illumination (green light) system.

    Motorized Focusing Stage with Z axis traven range up to 200mm with loading capacity of 20kg.

    One Key Button comes with intuitive interface to allow any operator to take accurate measurements with ease.

    Motorized Stage Table with XY travel range up to 500 x 400mm.

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