Posalux SA

  • Booth: N915

Welcome to a world of µ-precision & unmatched achievements!

Founded in 1943, Posalux is a Swiss leading manufacturer of micro-machining solutions intended for mass production. With our machines well known for their long-lasting quality and reliability, we focus on niche markets requiring custom solutions and strong support for applications.

Our state-of-the-art Femto-Laser technology is especially dedicated to high-end applications in the test equipment field, i.e. probe cards, test sockets, test fixtures, vertical and MEMS probes, and wire probes. Drilling of micro-holes in every kind of shapes – round, square, rectangle, etc. – and geometries, cutting of probes out of foils, and turning of wire probes are what we do best.

In terms of mechanical machining, our brand new ULTIMATE DUO is capable of drilling, routing, milling, and cutting small parts with the highest precision in the test socket field. One of the impressive features is to be able to machine on both sides of the workpiece in the same operation.

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    Posalux FEMTO-Laser µ-machining solutions for high-tech production...

  • The most advanced laser solution in the market

    • High repetition rate and excellent beam quality
    • Repeatability of hole quality
    • Machine calibration accuracy < ± 1 µm
    • Process accuracy ± 2 µm (± Metrology equipment error MPE_XY)
    • Unequaled productivity with higher yield rate
    • Flexibility (drilling/routing/cutting)
    • Wide range of materials (hard ceramics, polymers, copper, steel, and precious metal alloys)
    • No thermal effects (NAZ)
    • Round, square, rectangular, and any other hole shape capability
    • Hole taper control
    • Minimum diameters ≤ 20 μm with tight hole pitch (wall thickness ≤ 10 μm)
    Posalux ULTIMATE DUO. The high-tech solution for test sockets µ-machining...

  • Our brand new ULTIMATE DUO is capable of drilling, routing, milling, and cutting small parts with the highest precision. By working simultaneously on both sides of a workpiece, the productivity increases while energy consumption, tool wear, and floor space requirements are reduced. Combined with the tool magazine and automation capabilities, the ULTIMATE DUO by Posalux has impressed SEMICON Europa 2021 visitors in terms of both technology and performance.

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