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Welcome to Precitec 3D Metrology for Smart Manufacturing

Precitec Optronik GmbH is a German manufacturer of highly innovative sensors and optical probes. The CHRocodile® product line sets the standard in contact-free thickness and distance measurements. Our many years of experience in measuring wafer thickness enable us to provide you with customized solutions to your semiconductor inspection needs as well as test measurements for specific applications. 

Precitec 3D Metrology - measure more precisely with light


  • CHRocodile CLS 2.0 high-speed 3D line sensor
    CHRocodile CLS 2.0 confocal high-speed line sensor scans objects with a frequency of up to 36,000 lines/sec on complex surfaces with large gradients and without shadowing and is ideal for inline quality control where cycle times are critical.


  • The chromatic confocal line sensor CHRocodile CLS 2.0 is the ideal tool for precise 3D inline quality control in harsh industrial environments. It is highly suitable for applications in semiconductor industries and consumer electronics, such as inspecting the topography of smartphone housings or semiconductor chips, as well as measuring and inspecting solder bumps or detecting die cracks.

    The 3D structure of your sample is determined in a very short time through fast line scanning at up to 18300 lines per second – ideal for inline applications where cycle time is critical. The chromatic confocal measurement technology provides data with an extremely high lateral and axial resolution, enables measurement of any kind of material, and functions without shadowing effects – even for complex geometries.

    Furthermore, the easily exchangeable optical probes offer a high degree of flexibility in adapting the sensor’s specifications to your requirements. You can select a long line of up to 12 mm for fast inspection of large parts or a shorter line with an outstanding numerical aperture for measuring highly angled surfaces, e.g. the chamfer of smartphone or watch display glasses.

  • Flying Spot Scanner + CHRocodile 2 IT
    Scan only what you need for inline quality inspection....

  • Precitec's Flying Spot Scanner (FSS) enables high-speed OCT imaging for thickness and topography, and is combinable with various CHRocodile 2 IT and sensors to create a smart inspection system. The FSS features pioneering one-of-its-kind technology enabling high-speed non-contact area inspection for inline and offline quality assurance and 3D measurement on a wide range of materials and surfaces. 

    For high-speed area inspections in offline and inline quality control processes the Precitec Flying Spot Scanner replaces an entire measuring system – there are no additional linear X-Y axis' required. The mechanical linear movement of the X-Y axes is replaced by an optical measurement guided via a sophisticated optical system.

  • CHRocodile 2 DPS
    Unique 2-in-1 solution for two-sided thickness and in-process wafer step height measurement....

  • Non-contact and non-destructive optical measuring in nanometer range. 

    Grinding requires wafer thickness to be controlled during material treatment. Optical measurement technology is the ideal solution for in-process monitoring of the wafer thickness without stressing or destroying the workpiece during the measurement. Optical technology also enables profiling of chip-on-wafer and MEMS during grinding.

    The CHRocodile 2 DPS chromatic confocal sensor offers two independent measurement channels. The sensor can handle two chromatic probes and synchronizes in real time the measurement values and outputs to deliver the final height or thickness of the wafer.

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