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Advancing Global Technology & Innovation

The use of semiconductors has spread by leaps and bounds into personal computers, smartphones, automobiles, and more. And expectations for that evolution is increasing, such as in the expanding markets for various sensing device and MEMS, and as a major participant in the advancement of power devices and LEDs that support environment-conscious products, and in IoT (Internet of Things), which will surely play an important role in the worldwide social infrastructure.

On a base of our core technologies in etching and photolithography that we have cultivated over the years, SCREEN entered into the semiconductor production equipment market in the 1970s. With our cleaning equipment business, we have built a steadfast share in the increasingly important cleaning process. In order to even further strengthen our business, we have added lithography equipment -- represented by the SOKUDO DUO coater/developer that is equipped with various defect control functions based on fundamental but novel, industry-first, concepts -- millisecond annealers that are indispensable in processing advanced devices, as well as nano-level laser annealers and other units to our product lineup. Moreover, we are advancing our "Frontier Project" towards the new market of 200 mm and smaller wafers, we are comprehensively developing applications for our existing technology, including that of image processing, and we are furthering our aggressive development of both products and technology. We will also continue, in a timely manner, to offer a diversity of solutions that can be utilized safely and surely in the semiconductor industry, where technological innovation is constantly advancing.


  • Compact Wet Station CW-2000
    Half the Footprint, 1.5 Times the Productivity!
    Excellent Cost-Performance!...

  • 1. All-in-One concept

    The chemical supply and cooling units on the CW-2000 are integrated into the system to reduce footprint. The CW-2000 requires 45% less space than our previous model.

    2. Handles a diverse variety of wafer processing

    A single CW-2000 system can handle a wide range of wafer sizes, from 50 mm to 200 mm.

    3. New drying unit available

    Adding to the previous DIS (Drain & IPA Substitution) drying unit, the new lineup includes an eco-friendly Hot Blow-Drying system (HBD) that does not use IPA. Customers are free to select the unit appropriate for their usage conditions.

    4. Flexible expansion

    The CW-2000 can be expanded to include four, six or eight processing baths, to match your productivity and the space available for installation.

    5. Higher productivity

    The CW-2000 achieves 150 WPH, with 1.5 times greater productivity than our previous model. 

    6. Supports RCA cleaning

    The CW-2000 also supports RCA cleaning, which has been the mainstream cleaning method for semiconductors, effectively boosting yields.

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