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Technic - Advanced Engineered Solutions for over 75 years

Technic showcases chemistry solutions for advanced semiconductor packaging. Marketed under the name Elevate, Technic’s electrodeposition chemistries are well respected for innovation and high quality in such applications as RDL, pillars, microbumps, and LED packaging. Technic also supplies several high-performance photoresist strippers for liquid and dryfilm resists, as well as a full range of metal etchants and cleaners marketed under the names, TechniStrip®, TechniEtch, and Techniclean.

For analytical controls, the Technic RTA 3D will be on display. The RTA has become the leading analytical control system for damascene copper processes and backend packaging applications for controlling TSV and copper pillar processes.


  • TechniStrip® P1331
    An advanced NMP free photoresist stripper that has a wide range of stripping applications from DUV to thick positive, negative resins and passivation layer reworking. It is especially ideal for use in back end applications like TSV, Cu pillar, bumping etc...

  • An advanced NMP free photoresist stripper that has a wide range of stripping applications from DUV to thick positive, negative resins and passivation layer reworking. It is especially ideal for use in back end applications like TSV, Cu pillar, bumping, etc. Offers complete resin dissolution of thick film photoresist such as THB 151N, AZ 125XT, OIR 906, SPR 3000, TOK, etc. while maintaining a very high metal compatibility with Cu, Al, Ni, and Sn. 
  • TechniStrip® NF52
    A highly effective NMP free negative tone photoresist remover used mainly for TSV mask and solder bumping applications....

  • A highly effective NMP free negative tone photoresist remover used mainly for TSV mask and solder bumping applications. Developed to address laminated photo-resins and liquid resins, the novel stripping formulation of this TMAH/DMSO chemistry exhibits high dissolution performance compared to standard TMAH based blends, and very high metal compatibility. The stripping performance has been validated on various laminated films including WBR2010, WBR2100, TOK P50120, etc.

    TechniStrip® NF52 provides full dissolution of most photoresist without the use of harmful products such as NMP and Hydroxylamine. NF52 successfully performs without any negative impact to the copper surface, preserving critical fine features that would otherwise be negatively impacted by photoresist strippers that can etch into fine surface details.

    Our photoresist is effective and compatible with numerous substrates.  TechniStrip® NF52 has been documented to perform with an extended bath life that is typically 2–3 times greater than standard photoresist strippers, resulting in a significant savings in operating costs.

  • TechniEtch TBR19
    An enabling, fluoride-free aqueous solution, designed to selectively dissolve titanium (Ti) & titanium alloy based (TiN,TiW) barriers for far back end of the line (BEOL) interconnect applications. This high performing etchant significantly reduce undercut...

  • TechniEtch TBR19 is an enabling, fluoride-free aqueous solution, designed to selectively dissolve titanium (Ti) and titanium alloy based (TiN, TiW) barriers for far back end of the line (BEOL) interconnect applications.  This high performing metal etchant can significantly reduce undercut.  Techni Etch TBR19 is compatible with most UBM, and copper pillar integration materials such as Cu, Al, Ni, Sn and alloys, glass, organic substrate, etc.

  • Elevate® Gold 7990 NBV
    A cyanide-free, electrolytic sulfite gold process designed specifically for semiconductor applications. It produces pure, soft bright gold deposits from a slightly acidic solution without the use of harmful toxic metallic grain refiners thallium & arsenic...

  • Electrolytic sulfite gold process that produces pure, soft gold deposits. Operates at an acidic pH, making it compatible with almost all photoresists. Elevate® Gold 7990 NBV produces a bright deposit without the use of harmful grain refiners like thallium and arsenic. Provides excellent coplanarity and step coverage.  Can be used for plating several different applications (thicknesses ranging from 0.5 - 100 microns) without major modifications to the solution and can be used on a variety of tool sets.
  • Elevate® Ni 5950
    Boric acid free process that produces nickel deposits with similar attributes as a standard nickel electroplating solution. The process can be used for UBM, metal stacking and other semiconductor technologies that utilize a nickel metal deposit....

  • Elevate® Ni 5950 eliminates concerns related to toxicity with a boric acid free nickel deposit. Technic’s Elevate®  Ni 5950 is capable of running at a wide current density range of 1–10 ASD. Deposit properties such as stress, ductility, tensile strength, elongation, grain structure and corrosion resistance are all similar to or better than a standard nickel solution.  In addition, Elevate®  Ni 5950 uses all liquid components making the process very fab friendly.
  • Semcon 2500
    Automatic, fully enclosed, multi-wafer rack system designed for electroless & immersion plating. A modular system utilizes a programmable multi-process interface & easy access for maintenance/changeover, ideal for process development/full-scale production...

  • With the growth of ENIG and ENEPIG for wire bonding or soldering of semiconductor dies, the need for production-proven plating equipment has become critically important. While there are many good options on the market for purchasing semiconductor ECD tools for high-volume manufacturing, electroless and immersion plating require a much different type of tool. The unique and specialized aspects of designing a plating cell for successful and consistent electroless and immersion plating are well known by the engineering staff at Technic’s Surface Finishing Technologies Group. The Semcon 2500 plating tool is the culmination of years of experience designing such tools and is fully compatible with any commercially available electroless, immersion, and ancillary chemistries as well as Technic’s exclusive line of Elevate brand chemistry for ENIG and ENEPIG.

    The Semcon 2500 is a tri-axis, fully automatic, cleanroom-rated plating tool for deposition of electroless nickel, electroless palladium, immersion gold, immersion palladium, and immersion silver chemistries. The system processes wafers from 50 – 200 mm using custom or commercially available wafer cassettes. The Semcon® 2500 offers ease of operation with multiple programming options, easy changeovers, with convenient maintenance access all in a space-saving and highly reliable tool.

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