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UBCT was established back in 1995 by BC Tan, who envisaged changing the way inventory tracing was implemented in the semiconductor industry. Since then, Tan has propelled the company forward by building a strong foundation of knowledge base in the semiconductor industry and created systems to track inventory in anticipation of using the Internet of Things (IoT) to operate more efficiently.

The present CEO of UBCT, Hawke Tan, has brought new creative visions into the company by setting a new path in pursuit of revolutionizing smart warehouse to the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR). The key aspect of 5IR combines the speed of automation with humans' critical and creative thinking to new levels in terms of customization of products. The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) puts smart technology at the forefront of manufacturing, and this is where UBCT comes in.  It helps to push the semiconductor industry forward in the adoption of 4IR so that eventually it will be able to move on to adapt the 5IR technology. This is an important factor for the success smart warehouse transformations.

UBCT is a 4IR solution provider that boasts of robust, holistic automation solutions, which leverage big data and the IoT ecosystem.  It provides solutions by connecting hardware and software, as well as various vendor solutions, so that manufacturers can maintain comprehensive control over, and visibility on the entire organization. 

Successful execution of 4IR smart warehouse will all come down to connecting siloed data. Start by implementing I4.0 system integration in warehouse. This allows management to map out the whole system flow which is crucial to pinpoint the bottle necks and plan the next move. By implementing robots to assist in repetitive daunting task and heavy workloads which makes a safer work environment.

Smart warehouse is a system that allows management to track all inventories from the beginning of the process to the end process of auto packing products into boxes ready for shipment. Management able to gear up exponential pace of the 4IR service with artificial intelligence providing convenience and safety. This gives room to cultivate innovation and creativity in people.

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