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Values First Consulting Sdn. Bhd. is an established engineering firm specializing in Computer/Device Intelligent Manufacturing (CDIM) products and services for the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industry world-wide. Formed in 1997, Values First today holds a customer portfolio spanning China, USA, South America, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, India, and most of ASEAN.


Values First specializes in providing quality Equipment Integration, Data Integration and Real-Time Analytics products and solutions to wafer fabrication, sort, assembly and test sites. Our solutions typically involve the use of industry standards and advanced technologies to provide robust interfaces with data pipelines between factory systems and equipment and to enable high volume data management and processing in real time.


  • X-Platform
    X-Platform is your one-stop universal station controller for Smart Manufacturing. It comes standard with web services/API for typical SECS/GEM scenarios and features a plug-in framework for user-defined business rules developed in C#....

  • · Flexibility in customizing high-level user defined business rules (e.g. Lot disposition).

    · Comes with Web Services/APIs for wafer/substrate mapping, recipe management, data collection, etc.

    · Interfaces enable easy integration with custom user-built UI on desktop or mobile devices.

    · High performance & reliable connection to equipment (faster response time).

    · Scalable client-server architecture setup.

    · Supports High Availability failover clusters running on VMWare and Hyper-V.

  • EX
    EX is a next-generation data collection server. Featuring an intelligent SECS adaptor, it combines asynchronous message arbitration and on-demand* data collection capability to support your every industry 4.0 need....

  • · Supports multiple host and equipment connections asynchronously.

    · Multi instancing - Each machine is served by dedicated service instance.

    · On-demand* machine parameter capture.

    · On-demand* machine event reporting definition.

    · Sampling of machine log data to database.

    · Intelligible interface and intuitive configuration console for a centralized, remote setup.

    · On-demand data collection capability to easily accommodate changing data collection needs.

    · Easy setup with simple configuration steps for any SECS/GEM interface instance (machine/host).

    · Intelligent arbitration among multiple hosts for the same machine absolves the need for configuring primary vs secondary host.

    · Plug-and-play into your existing SECS interface to extend your data collection.

    · Each connection status is updated continuously to easily diagnose a broken link.

  • OPUS FDC - Real-time analytics
    Combining machine learning with big data capabilities, OPUS FDC features root cause analysis, modeling, anomaly detection, output prediction and digital twin modeling....

  • OPUS comes with 2 components - the data visualization/modeling component and the real-time component. Customized versions are available upon request, tailor fitted to the machine model and problem domain at hand. On-premise and cloud implementation options are also available.

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