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Hikrobot is a global product and solution supplier specialized in machine vision and mobile robot. Focusing on IIoT, smart logistics and smart manufacturing, we build open cooperation ecosystem, provide service to industry and logistics customers, and commit to continuously promoting the intelligentization and leading the intelligent manufacturing process.

 Press Releases

  • Mar.28th, Hikrobot held 2022 Machine Vision New Tech & Product Forum. The forum demonstrated our explorations in the machine vision technology and our efforts in product R&D. We launched a full range of new products, including industrial cameras, smart cameras, 3D cameras and VM4.2 software.


    Innovate with Customers

    In the pandemic period, the business becomes very challenging for everyone. Hikrobot focuses on what we are able to influence, digging in to AI, Image Acquisition and Multi-sense Perception, combining the tech improvements with practical applications. Till date, we have more than 600 R&D engineers and 400 sales team in Machine Vision department, and have served more than 7000 valued customers worldwide.  Keep standing by customer and understanding what customer needs, our product roadmap and innovation have been developed in accordance with customers’needs.


    Building a Superior Image Acquisition System

    A typical image acquisition system consists light source, lens, camera, acquisition protocols, data transmission and data processing. It’s important to obtain high-quality image and maximize the difference between the target and the background. Meanwhile through stable transmission, the backend algorithm process efficiently. 

    As the core module, the imaging part continues developing to deliver high resolution, high speed, high spectral response, and higher image quality. In the forum, we launched:

    • High Speed Series and High Resolution Series, such as 21MP CXP-12 Camera, 151MP 10GigE over Fiber Camera, 604MP High Resolution Camera, suitable for the inspections in 3D SPI/SMT, AOI, improving efficiency.
    • CL Line Scan Camera, including 2k, 4k, 8k, and 16k, implanted with purple edge correction, Super Palette and other functions, promoting imaging to higher performance.
    • Brand new Frame Grabber Series, covering interfaces of GigE, USB, CoaXPress and Camera Link. Support the preposition of SP operations, which can liberate CPU performance and reduce image processing time.


    Simpler But Smarter

    Focusing on Deep Learning functions, Hikrobot upgraded the smart products, both software and hardware.

    • VM 4.2

    VM is consisted of more than 140 algorithm tools, covering the modules of localization, identification, measurement, calibration, detection, image processing and etc. It carries 30+ software functions supports, supporting 10+ industrial communication protocols. With the flexible combination of the tools, most of the visual applications can be simply achieved.

    • Handheld Smart Code reader-IDH7010 Series, ddesigned for industrial applications, excellent code-reading performance, rich protocols supported
    • Expand ID2000 Series family, including long-focus, C-mount and economy models, adaptable to different scenarios


    Enlightening Machine with 3D Vision

    In the field of visual sensing, upgrading from 2D vision to 3D vision is particularly important for machines to understand the three-dimensional physical world like human beings.

    Focusing on high-precision 3D measurement and 3D vision-guided control, we'll expand 3D product layout, launch the RGBD Series. MV-DB500S RGBD is designed for robot automatic package supply solution, mv-db500s collects the point cloud and parcel images, carrying out visual processing such as parcel segmentation, pose estimation and parcel classification. As core of the singulator solution, it can achieve a throughput of 10000+ pcs/h.

    With our vision to become a Professional Machine Vision Product Provider, Hikrobot will continuously devotes to R&D, upgrades product and technologies to meet customer needs.

    Vision, seeing infinity.

    Source: https://www.hikrobotics.com/en/news/newsdetail?id=14

    More information: https://www.hikrobotics.com/en


  • Machine Vision
    Supplier of Machine Vision devices and algorithm software platform...

  • Machine Vision
    With efforts in industrial vision sensing application and hardware technology, Hikrobot provides customers with leading machine vision products. The products cover industrial camera, 3D camera, lens, vision box, vision controller, industrial smart camera, software platform and related accessory.
    Through rigorous EMC, safety and reliability tests, Hikrobot guarantees the high precision, high efficiency and high environmental performance of each product.
    The machine vision products are widely used in industrial automation sectors such as consumer electronics, semiconductors and logistics, as a part of the vision applications like positioning guidance, measurement, quality inspection, code reading, OCR, etc. They help users to greatly improve productivity, accuracy and stability.
  • Mobile Robot
    Supplier of full-scenario intellignet robot and system platform...

  • Mobile Robot
    With efforts in robotic technologies, Hikrobot provides global customers with leading mobile robot products and solutions. The company has developed the intelligent warehouse robot system since 2015. Focused on mobile robots, it has launched a series of products, Latent Mobile Robot (LMR), Conveyor/Heavy-duty Mobile Robot (CMR/HMR), Forklift Mobile Robot (FMR), etc. These products are widely applied in 3C, automobile, manufacturing, e-commerce logistics, 3PL, food and pharmaceuticals. Hikrobot’s intelligent robot solutions help you simplify intralogistics flow, reduce the costs and reform the logistics process.
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