CKD Corporation

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Since its founding in 1943, CKD has been engaged in the research and development of automation and fluid control technologies. 

Our unique cutting-edge technologies are highly recognized among manufacturers in Japan and around the world. 

The performance of CKD products is backed by a wealth of experience in various technical fields. 

CKD will continue to further reinvent its own technologies and offer technologies that are sought by the communities and businesses of the future.

This is how CKD contributes to “monozukuri” – the art of manufacturing – around the world.


  • Direct acting 3-port solenoid valve (3QR Series)
    Handles compact 3-port valve applications across the board.
    (Air operated valve/cylinder drive, suction transport, air blow, etc.)



    Digital Catalog

    [3QR Series]: Large flow rate for positive and negative pressure. (Cylinder bore size: φ6 to φ20)

    "High performance" 

    Universal structure.
    Selectable flow rate.
    Large flow rate 0.4 d㎥/(s/bar)
    Standard: 0.3 d㎥/(s/bar)
    High response: 4 ±1 ms / 1.5 ±1 ms (ON/OFF)

  • τDISC Direct Drive Motor (HD-s Series)
    High-response type pursuing high-speed operation.
    World's top class high response performance with high-torque, low-inertia structure....


    [Direct drive motor]
    Ideal for applications that require small operation angles and high-speed operation.
    High-speed index drive, Testing machine drive etc.

    [Servo driver]
    VPH Series : Developed exclusively for direct drives.
    Maximizes the motor performance.
    Supports five types of interface: I/O, SSCNETⅢ/H, CC-Link, EtherCAT, MECHATROLINK-Ⅲ.

    [System support tool]
    The enhanced adjustment, monitoring, operation, analysis,
    and editing functions assist in mechanical system matching
    and enable efficient start-up (Servo driver Option).

  • Electric Actuator (ROBODEX)
    Electric actuator that can be proposed by CKD only because of our expertise in both pneumatic and electric motion components, and meets all applications and specifications of the device and contributes to being more compact and efficient....


    We will introduce you to electric motion components that take advantage of our know-how of pneumatic devices, as well as to the benefits and disadvantages of each pneumatic and electric motion devices, and recommend the best model for your customers.

    An electric actuator that meets all applications and specifications of the device and contributes to being more compact and efficient.

    We have various types such as motorless to which your motor can be attached, models with motors set with controller and gripper.

    We recommend the ideal model according to various applications such as transport and press fitting.

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