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Oriental Motor was the first manufacturer in Japan to develop standard line of small precision motors. However, we haven’t stopped there. With dedicated efforts, we strive to fulfil more establishments.

Over the years, Oriental Motor has expanded its product range beyond AC motors, fan motors, control motors till complete motion systems.

Today our product line encompasses approximately 10,000 types of standard products. The breadth and quality of our product range allows us to answer the diverse application needs of field ranging from office automation equipment to advanced factory automations. 


    World K series motor that conform to the power supply voltage in Asia are electric motors that rotate by using power from a commercial AC power supply ....

  • Standard AC Motor and Gear Motor operate by simply connecting a capacitor and supplying power from a commercial power supply. Standard AC Motor and Gear Motor include the basic induction motor. 
  • BLV Series (Brushless Motor with driver)
    The wide speed range, at torque characteristics and
    continuous operation of the BLV Series.
    Brushless motors allows designers maximum fexibility in
    their designs....

  • DC powered brushless motors are ideal for AGVs or AMRs where portability, speed stability and constant torque are the basic requirements for these applications. 
    Brushless DC motors are an advanced option due to their
    wide speed range, low heat, and maintenance-free operation
    which are ideal for variable speed and load applications...

  • Easy speed control with Spin and Push. The BMU Series is a compact, high-power, and high-ef ciency motor which does not compromise on user-friendly features at affordable prices. 
    The AZ Series Closed Loop Stepping Motors is the new generation of high precision positioning motors.
    Equipped with a battery-less (ABZO) sensor and with a closed-loop configuration, the AZ Series achieves productivity improvement and cost reduction....

  • Stepping motors are used to achieve precise positioning via digital control. The motor operates by accurately synchronizing with the pulse signal output from the controller to the driver. These motors are ideal for applications requiring quick positioning over a short distance.

  • EZS/EAC AZ (Electric Actuators/ Cylinders)
    A linear electric actuator is a combination product
    consisting of a linear mechanism and an electric motor,
    and when pre-assembled offers an easier design,
    shorter installation time, and high quality....

  • The motorized linear slides are positioning linear slides that adopt AZ Series motors composed of frames, guide rails, guide blocks, and ball screws.
    Capable of accurate and precise straight-line motion due to the rotation of ball screws and guides.
    Axial flow fans use a blade/propeller to generate airflow in the direction of the axis of rotation. Capable of generating large airflow, it suited for applications requiring ventilation & cooling where the entire space inside the device must be cooled....

  • Today's comfortable life and society is supported by advanced control systems, which may present many heat sources. To operate these devices without disruption 24
    hours a day, 365 days a year, the devices require appropriate heat designs and heat measures. Oriental Motor offers a wide range of heat measure products centered on cooling fans to meet these requirements. 
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