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JEOL designs and manufactures scientific instruments for high-level research and development activities. Our customers include scientists and engineers working in leading-edge academic and industial laboratories around the world. JEOL products and services enable them to pursue a variety of R & D applications that require high resolution imaging and anlytical capabilities such as: basice observation and analysis, environmental science, information technology, semiconductor production, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and a broad range of industrial endeavors.

Experts involved in the studies of medicine, biology, biochemistry, agriculture, materials science, metallurgy, ceramics, chemistry, petroleum, pharmacy, semiconductors and electronic materials have been using JEOL products for more than 65 years. Our new products are easier-to-use than ever before and contribute to a high level of quality assurance and quality control during the production process.

For more details or information about any of our products, please visit our website at It presents the most current high performance solutions from JEOL to meet your R&D requirements for electron optics, analytical, semiconductor, industrial, and medical instruments and equipment.  


  • JEM-F200 Multi-purpose Electron Microscope
    JEM-F200 is a multi-purpose electron microscope of the new generation to meet today's diversified needs....

  • JEM-F200 is a new field emission transmission electron microscope, which features higher spatial resolution and analytical performance, an easy-to-use new operation system for multi-purpose operation, a smart appearance, and various environmentally friendly, energy saving system.

    Smart design

    The JEM-F200 has a new, and fine appearance. It incorporates a new, intuitive user interface specifically designed for analytical electron microscopy. It also features outstanding mechanical and electrical stability, which reflects JEOL's engineering expertise accumulated over the years.

    Quad-Lens condenser system

    Today's electron microscopy requires to support a wide range of imaging techniques from bright field/dark field TEM to STEM that uses a variety of detectors.
    The JEM-F200, with its new 4-stage probe-forming optical system, that is, Quad-Lens Condenser System, controls intensity and the convergence angle of electron beam independently, to respond to the different research requirements.

    Advanced Scan system

    The JEM-F200 incorporates a new scanning system, Advanced Scan System, which is capable of scanning the electron beam in the image probe forming systems. This accomplishes wide field STEM-EELS.

    Pico Stage Drive

    The JEM-F200 uses a pico stage drive, which is capable of driving the stage in 200 pico meter step without a piezo drive, and moving the view area with a wide dynamic range from an entire sample grid to atomic order images.

    SPECPORTER (auto holder loading/unloading device)

    Loading/unloading of a specimen holder has been considered to bring a human error of operation, especially for the beginners. The JEM-F200 incorporates a new device, SPECPORTER, to facilitate loading and unloading of the specimen holder. Placing a specimen holder at a given location, and activating the SPECPORTER by a single click insures safe loading and unloading of the holder.

    Improved cold FEG

    The JEM-F200 supports an optional cold field emission electron gun. Guaranteeing high stability, high brightness, and high energy resolution, the cold field emission electron gun enables chemical bonding analysis by EELS, and accelerates the analytical process owe to the high brightness electron beam, and by minimizes chromatic aberrations originated from the electron source energy spread enables higher resolution imaging.

    Dual SDD

    The JEM-F200 simultaneously supports two units of an optional high sensitivity large silicon drift detectors (SDD). The SDD, featuring enhanced sensitivity, enables speedy EDS analysis while minimizing sample damage.

    Environmental friendly

    The JEM-F200 incorporates an energy saving system, the ECO mode, as standard for the first time in any transmission electron microscope. The ECO mode is designed to maintain the optimum conditions of the microscope at a minimum level of energy consumption rate when it is not in operation. The ECO mode can reduce the energy consumption rate to be approximately 1/5 of that for the normal operation mode.
    Its scheduling function can restore the working conditions at anytime specified by users.

  • JSM-IT800 Schottky FE-SEM
    The next level of Intelligence Technology in FE-SEM JSM-IT800...

  • The JSM-IT800 incorporates our "In-lens Schottky Plus field emission electron gun" for high resolution imaging to fast elemental mapping, and an innovative electron optical control system "Neo Engine", as well as a system of seamless GUI "SEM Center" for fast elemental mapping with a fully embedded JEOL energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS), as a common platform.

    The JSM-IT800 allows for the replacement of the objective lens of the SEM as a module, offering different versions to satisfy various users requirements. With the JSM-IT800, five versions are available with different objective lenses: a hybrid lens version (HL), which is a general-purpose FE-SEM; a super hybrid lens version (SHL/SHLs, two versions with different functions), which enables higher resolution observation and analysis; and the newly-developed semi-in-lens version (i/is, two versions with different functions), which is suited for the observation of semiconductor devices.

    Furthermore, the JSM-IT800 can also be equipped with a new Scintillator Backscattered Electron Detector (SBED) and a Versatile Backscattered Electron Detector (VBED). The SBED enables the acquisition of images with high responsiveness and produces sharp material contrast even at a low accelerating voltage, while the VBED can help obtain images of 3D, topography and material contrasts. Thus, the JSM-IT800 can help users to obtain information that was not obtainable and to solve problems in measurement.

  • JBX-8100FS Series EBEAM
    Spot type Electron Beam Lithography System JBX-8100FS achieved high throughput, small footprint and electric power saving....

  • Small footprint

    The area required for the standard system is 4.9 m (W) x 3.7 m (D) x 2.6 m (H), much smaller than the conventional systems.

    Low power consumption

    Power needed for normal operation is approximately 3 kVA, reduced to 1/3 of the conventional systems.

    High throughput

    The system has two exposure modes, high resolution and high throughput modes, supporting different types of patterning from ultra fine processing to small to mid size production. It has minimized the idle time during exposure while increasing the maximum scanning speed by 1.25 to 2.5 times to 125 MHz (the world’s highest level) for high speed writing.


    The JBX-8100FS is available in 2 versions: G1 (entry model) and G2 (full option model). Optional accessories can be added to the G1 model as needed.

    New Functions

    An optional optical microscope is available to enable examination of patterns on the sample without exposing resist to light. A signal tower is provided as standard for visual monitoring of system operation.

    Laser positioning resolution

    Stage positions are measured and controlled in 0.6 nm steps as standard, and in 0.15 nm steps with an optional upgrade.

    System control

    Versatile Linux® operating system combined with a new graphic user interface provides ease in operation. The data preparation program supports both Linux® and Windows®.

     200 kV Model!

    Maximum Accelerating Voltage To the world of 200 kV

    JBX-8100FS is a Direct Writing EBL System with Gaussian Beam Optics designed to implement High Throughput and High Precision requirements from a wide range of applications.
    The modular and upgradeable platform supports variety of fields from fabrication of advanced nanostructures to production of Compound Semiconductor Devices.

    Enabling advanced applications such as holography, gray scale and micro-lens arrays

    The images below are the EBL comparison between 100 kV and 200 kV.
    200 kV demonstrates a reduced tapering effect with considerably thick resist.

    Accelerating Voltage comparison between 100kV and 200kV (Sample: 10um thick resist)

    Accelerating Voltage 100 kV
    3,000 μC / cm
    Accelerating Voltage 100 kV

    Accelerating Voltage 200 kV
    5,000 μC / cm
    Accelerating Voltage 200 kV

    Resist : PMMA
    Thickness : 10um
    Field size : 500um
    Pattern width : 2um
    Substrate : Si

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    Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

    A Cross Section Polisher is a device to prepare pristine cross sections of a specimen for a scanning electron microscope, electron probe micro analyzer, or Auger micro probe....

  • Features

    The IB-19530CP features an innovatively designed, multi-purpose stage to fulfill increasingly diversified market needs and realize multi-functionality by different kinds of functional holders. The multi-purpose stage combined with specialized functional holders allows the user to perform various functions such as planar surface milling and polishing, sputter coating as well as more traditional cross-section ion milling.

    High throughput

    The high-speed ion source and auto start function deliver milling results quickly.

    Auto processing program

    High-speed processing and finishing can be programmed to prepare high quality cross sections in a short period of time. Intermittent processing can also be programmed to enhance preparation of materials of low melting temperature and susceptible to ion beam irradiation.

    Ease of setup

    The modularized holder allows accurately milling area adjustment either inside the IB-19530CP or by utilizing an external optical microscope.

    Multi-purpose stage

    Additional functions including planar surface milling and ion beam sputter coating can be utilized via a variety of holders.

    Long life shielding plate

    The life of shielding plate is about three times as durable as that of conventional products, which allows for a higher processing rate and longer lifetime.

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