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The WAGO Group is an international, standard-setting supplier of electrical interconnection, automation and electronic interface products and solutions. This family-run company is the world market leader in spring pressure connection technology.

Whether in semiconductor industry, in the industrial, railway, or energy technologies, in the marine and offshore sectors, or in building and lighting management, WAGO products and solutions provide safety and efficiency. 

Digitization, new laws and possible applications: These are just three of the many challenges that your company must also face. In this dynamic environment, WAGO supports you in partnership with a high level of innovation and uncompromising precision. The following always applies to series products and individual special solutions: simple operation and high reliability are a matter of course.

WAGO has grown steadily since it was founded in 1951, with a current worldwide workforce of more than 8,500 employees. The company achieved sales of EUR 1.19 billion in 2021.

 Press Releases

  • A Revenue Increase of More Than 20 Percent over the Previous Year

    The WAGO Group has been able to take advantage of the overall economic growth and the momentum in the electrical engineering and automation industries in year 2021, breaking one billion in revenue at the beginning of November 2021. With this milestone, the family company from Minden has achieved a revenue increase of more than 20 percent over the previous year and, according to the “Top 100” ranking by the consulting firm Munich Strategy, is one of the 100 fastest growing medium-sized companies in Germany, as reported by the Handelsblatt newspaper.

    WAGO owes this achievement above all to the dedication of its employees around the world, who will be rewarded with a bonus. In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, large segments of the workforce switched over to mobile working at short notice, through changes including adaptations of the IT infrastructure and flexible work models. In conjunction with a comprehensive health strategy, WAGO was able to improve performance even under these challenging circumstances.

    As an international group of companies, WAGO is also facing a difficult procurement situation. In combination with an order backlog which remains stubbornly large, this is a challenge for production and all sections of the supply chain. Very cautious planning and excellent coordination among the teams are helping keep the situation under control.

    “All signs at WAGO point to growth; we have our sights set firmly on another billion in revenue,” emphasizes CEO Dr. Heiner Lang. To achieve that, the WAGO team will also need to expand. All departments need to hire reinforcements – from engineers, to IT and sales experts, to specialists in production and administration.


  • WAGO Cloud
    WAGO Cloud enables you to centrally collect and analyze data from various machines. It allows WAGO Controllers to be easily managed and monitored along with their data and applications. Even people without IT experience can use it....

  • How Does Machine Data Get to the WAGO Cloud?

    A WAGO PFC Controller serves as a gateway, collecting and sending data to the WAGO Cloud either cyclically or event-driven. Users log into their user interface on the Web portal, where they can use various applications and have access to functions like visualizations, controller and user management, as well as controller status monitoring. Furthermore, users can activate alarm functions and data can be graphically visualized, evaluated and exported if necessary.

    Do You Need to Restrict the Data You Send to the Cloud?

    No problem! Configure the WAGO PFC Controller and specify what data to send to the cloud or not via PLC programming.

    Manage Your PFC Controllers

    Connect your WAGO Controllers to WAGO Cloud within minutes and associate them with customers, sites and systems. Monitor the current connection parameters and process data. Respond promptly to exceptions via alarm and notification functions.

    Export Your Data Easily and Flexibly

    Want to use your data with additional individual tools and software besides WAGO Cloud? WAGO Cloud offers easy and flexible access thanks to various interfaces (RESTful API, CSV).

  • WAGO Pro 2 Power Supply
    Applications with high output demands call for professional power supplies capable of handling power peaks reliably. WAGO’s Pro 2 Power Supplies are ideally suited to such installations....

  • WAGO’s line of Pro 2 Power Supplies, which range from 120 to 960 W, sets new industry communication and parameterization benchmarks. And with up to 96.3% efficiency, the devices have also set new standards for economical operation. This saves money, especially when used in applications that run around the clock, 365 days a year – such as those in building automation. On top of that, the adjustable overload behavior, as well as the Top- and PowerBoost features, guarantee high system uptime.

    • The efficiency champion – efficiency of up to 96.3% saves money and resources.
    • A communication pioneer – the snap-on type communication module allows continuous fieldbus communication while keeping you updated on all important status information and data.
    • Suitable for nearly any application – many different Pro 2 parameters can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit your needs.
    • Intelligent load management – TopBoost or PowerBoost provides sufficient output current at all times.
  • WAGO Electronic Circuit Breakers (ECBs)
    A high switch-on capacity is combined with an electronic relay. WAGO’s compact ECBs provide reliable protection against overload and short circuit. Their slim design offers high channel density, saving valuable control cabinet space....

  • WAGO’s ECBs are the compact, precise solution for fusing DC voltage circuits.

    • They provide reliable protection against overload and short circuits.
    • They also allow switch-on of high-capacitance loads of 50,000 μF and more, without increasing the rated current setting.
    • One-, two-, four- and eight-channel models and current ratings from 0.5 to 12 A offer you the flexibility you need for setting the rated current to suit your specific application.
    • With a maximum width of 45 mm (1.772 inches), these ECBs feature high channel density to save space in the control cabinet.
    • Some devices are also available with active current limitation, preventing the power supply unit from overloading during a short circuit.
  • WAGO I/O System 750
    WAGO I/O Systems provide automation right where you need it even under harsh conditions. WAGO offers wide variety of I/O modules for any application by providing both IP20 (WAGO I/O System 750, 750 XTR and Advanced) IP67 (WAGO I/O System Field) solutions....

  • As the leader in screwless electrical interconnection and interface electronic technologies, WAGO developed the first finely modular, fieldbus-independent I/O system in 1995. To this day, our steadfast commitment to innovation and versatility has enabled us to continue setting new standards in usability, performance and reliability. A compact design combined with the highest quality standards has made the WAGO I/O System one of the world’s most decentralized I/O systems.

    For optimal automation both inside and outside the control cabinet: the flexible IP20 and IP67 remote I/O systems for all applications and environments.

    • Fieldbus-independent: Compatible with all standard fieldbus protocols and ETHERNET standards
    • Wide variety of I/O modules available for nearly every application
    • International and national approvals for worldwide use
    • Extensive range of accessories for marking and connection technology
    • IP20 I/O systems – equipped with CAGE CLAMP® technology for rapid, vibration-proof, maintenance-free connections
    • IP67 I/O system – fully encapsulated and completely shielded for harsh environments
  • WAGO Electrical Interconnections
    Easy, safe, maintenance-free: Perfect for DIN-rails, circuit boards or junction boxes or as pluggable connectors in cable ducts or control cabinets – WAGO offers the right electrical interconnect solutions for every application....

  • Rail-Mount Terminal Block Systems

    Fast installation, completely vibration-proof and maintenance-free: WAGO's rail-mount terminal block systems use proven spring pressure connection technology, reducing service costs and increasing system uptime and reliability.

    Installation Terminal Blocks

    Easily save time and money in distribution boxes or junction boxes: WAGO's compact installation terminal blocks yield big savings.

    PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors

    The right spring pressure connection technology for every application: WAGO's PCB terminal blocks and pluggable connectors can be used quickly and safely.

    Pluggable Connectors

    On PCBs, in control cabinets or for lighting connection: WAGO's pluggable connectors provide a quick, easy and durable way to solve your challenges.

    Field-Wiring Terminal Blocks

    Connecting lights and devices safely, anywhere in the world – no problem with WAGO's field-wiring terminals blocks, regardless of the application.


    A streamlined control cabinet with less maintenance: The right marking pays off in the long run. WAGO offers you a multitude of marking solutions for your tasks.

  • WAGO Signal Conditioners
    Isolate, amplify, filter and convert: WAGO signal conditioners handle a large number of functions in various application areas and provide secure and error-free signal transmission – thanks to a comprehensive range of approvals for worldwide applications....

  • WAGO's signal conditioners are designed with the same profile across different installation widths. This allows easy commoning of the supply voltage, eliminating the need for time-consuming wiring of individual components. The focus is on usability and absolute reliability.

    • Calibrated switching between measurement ranges to ensure consistent precision.
    • Input/output response simulation (2857 Series).
    • Can be used under extreme environmental conditions: −40 … +70°C.
    • Safe isolation per DIN EN 61010-1.
    • Intuitive configuration via software, app, display, DIP or push/slide switch
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