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Engineering Your Solutions

Formed with the goal of improving the quality of life for families and workplaces alike, White Umbrella prides itself as a leading tech development company with years of expertise in both power and air solutions.

With the use of revolutionary and innovative tech, all of our products are crafted with the utmost precision and with careful considerations for our environment, saving power usage and making daily life so much more convenient for all.

Through our warranty and services, we strive to provide a fuss-free, effective end-user experience by ensuring the utmost reliability.

Our maintenance and support services allow you to select and customise a plan that best fits the needs of your business and budget along with benefits like
consultation and architecture. We strive to provide world-class services so you can be confident that your entire organisation has devices that are safe, secure and functioning as intended.

Trust White Umbrella Managed Services to design, deploy, support and manage your power and air solution needs through services meant to improve the productivity of your business and workforce.

SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE SERVICES will make sure you get the solutions that best suit your needs that are scalable, efficient and costeffective.

FULLY RELY ON OUR TURNKEY SOLUTIONS that provide end to end services, from early-stage designing to deployment and maintenance, without having the concern of skillsets and resources.

White Umbrella’s Managed Services consultants and support staff works with your business to maximise the efficiency of your production.


  • Flesta Series Cold Plasma Air Sterilizer
    Our Takano appliances, equipped with the revolutionary Cold Plasma, produce charged ions to clean out air without harmful chemicals and inorganic compounds....

  • How it works

    1.  Unfiltered air goes through our generator and produces positive and negative ions in the air.
    2. These ions touch the surfaces of the viruses.
    3. The charged ions work to merge with the air variants, VOCs, bacteria, and viruses until they are deactivated and destroyed.

    The Benefits

    • Fresh & Clean, all-natural air
    • Remove 99.99% of airborne viruses (including Human Coronaviruses, H1N1, E.Coli, and many more)
    • Produces no harmful byproducts
    • Eliminate indoor bacteria, VOCs and odours safely and effectively
    • Reduces energy consumption

    Flesta Portable : Cold Plasma Air Sterilizer 300T1

    • Air volume up to 15 m³/h, with two speeds
    • Lightweight & portable
    • Easy touch switch-based controls
    • Long service life with low maintenance costs
    • Low noise, ≤30 dB360° purifying
    • Designed For Small Working Spaces: 5 - 15m2

    Flesta Refresh : Cold Plasma Air Sterilizer 400T1

    • Eliminates 99.99% of viruses
    • Simulates natural, mountain-like air
    • Air volume of 15m³/h
    • Removes dust and odours
    • Effective air sterilization
    • Designed For Elevators: 5 - 15m2

    Flesta Purify : Cold Plasma Air Sterilizer 400T1

    • Removes 99.99% of viruses in the air
    • Reduce particles in the air and controls odours
    • Movable, no installation, supplied with 2m or 3m power cord
    • Offers two filter options (Primary or HEPA filter)
    • Adjustable fan speed, airflow volume up to 850 m³/h
    • Manufactured under ISO 9001, FCC, CE, SGS1-year warranty
    • No harmful byproducts like UV-C or spray treatments
    • Low maintenance cost, ionization tube to be replaced every two years
    • Perfect for the office, school, hotel, restaurant, etc.
    • Designed For Medium Indoor Spaces: 50m - 100m2

    Flesta Protect : Cold Plasma Air Sterilizer 501TX

    • Eliminates 99.99% of viruses
    • Air volume of up to 128m3/h
    • Removes bacteria and odours effectively
    • Effective air sterilization
    • Designed For Indoor Spaces & Bathrooms: 30 - 50m2

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  • FUG MCP Series Medium Voltage Power Supplies
    MCP power supplies the rectified line voltage drives a square wave
    generator of fixed frequency, whose AC voltage is transformed, rectified
    and filtered, producing the output voltage. For regulation, the square
    wave voltage is pulse width modulated....

  • At the MCP power supplies the rectified line voltage drives a square wave generator of fixed frequency, whose AC voltage is transformed, rectified and filtered, producing the output voltage. For regulation, the square wave voltage is pulse width modulated.

    A low residual ripple of the output voltage, together with a high stability, high regulation speed and a low stored energy are all achieved by the high switching frequency.

    Key Features

    • Power range up to 70.000W
    • Output voltage 125V up to 2.000V, continuously adjustable from
    • zero to maximum
    • For autoranging: Output voltage 150V up to 3.000V
    • (automatic adjustment) continuously adjustable from zero to maximum
    • Short-circuit & flashover proof
    • Unlimited operation with rated current
    • Voltage and current setting by means of 10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked
    • Indication set point values by means of button for switchover of the displays.
    • Set point adjustment possible with locked output, release of output voltage by means of ,,ON" / ,,OFF" switch
    • Suitable for inductive and capacitive loads
    • Suitable for photomultiplier
  • PREEN AFV-P Programmable AC Power Source
    AFV-P Series is a programmable AC power source with DC output and precision measurement. It is ideal for commercial, defense and aerospace test applications from quality assurance, design verification, ATE to mass production....

    • Compact and high power density: 600VA to 2500VA is only 2U and 5000VA is 4U.
    • AC source with DC output: extend the applications to DC testing.
    • Wide output voltage of 0-310V and output frequency of 15-1000Hz.
    • THD is only under 0.3 % when output power is under 100 Hz.
    • Ideal for inrush current: capable to deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current.
    • Start/End phase angle: users can define the start and end phase angle from 0° to 360°.
    • Current foldback feature: have output current maintain constant based on the load which output voltage varies.
    • STEP and RAMP function: ideal for voltage and frequency variation tests and effectively reduces the inrush current during motor startup.
    • TRANSIENT generation provides users an easy setup for power line disturbance (PLD) simulation.
    • Free control software and LabVIEW driver: allow users to easily program and remote control.
    • Users can quickly set and view the parameters via 5 inches touch panel or rotary knob, which provides an easy operation and measurement display.
    • High slew rate: less than 300 μs from 0~90% output voltage.

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  • Haier Biomedical ULT Freezer
    Applicable for products and samples which require strict storage conditions such as viruses, pathogens, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bones, bacteria, semen, biological products, electronics and special materials....

  • Suitable for long term storage applications and compliant with typical storage requirements found in hospitals, disease control and prevention centres, scientific research institutions biomedical engineering institutes, agriculture/ fishery companies as well as the electronics and chemical industry.

    Safe and secure : Standard equipped with key lock, padlock and electromagnetic lock with optional fingerprint lock, providing multiple safeguards for sample safety.

    Low noise design, reducing the noise down to 53dB : Special noise-reduction design plus super silent compressor technology and energy-saving fan, considerably lowers noise level

    Super energy efficient with three environmentally friendly innovations : Ultra-low power consumption, down to less than 10kWh/day, ensuring a world leading energy saving performance

    Optimized insulation : Double foaming for both inner and outer doors and five-layer sealing design and optimized super-thick VIP thermal insulation technology, extends temperature holdover time during power failure and increases insulation efficiency by 20%

    TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezer

    • TwinCool & Frequency Conversion Technology
    • Faster pull down and temperature recovery
    • Temperature uniformity within ±3℃
    • Energy consumption is down to 10kWh/24h
    • Super long temperature holdover time

    TwinCool ULT Freezer

    • Dual refrigeration system 
    • Faster pull down and temperature recovery
    • Low noise design
    • Available Capacity: 578, 728L
    • Standard LED and Touchscreen models available
    • Remote alarm and USB connectivity

    Ultra Low Energy ULT Freezer

    • Adaptive control follows user patterns, load and environmental conditions

    • Ultra low power consumption

    • Precise temperature uniformity of ±3℃ (setting temperature at -80℃)

    • Standard LED and Touchscreen models available

    Low Energy ULT Freezer-LCD Touchscreen

    • Large clear 10-inch LCD capacitive screen
    • Temperature uniformity ≤±5℃ (setting temperature at -80℃)

    Under-Counter ULT Freezer

    • Large clear 10-inch LCD capacitive screen
    • Temperature uniformity ≤±5℃ (setting temperature at -80℃)

  • DOMAT Building Management System
    Domat Control System offers turnkey installations – calculation, design, cabling,
    cabinets, installations, programming, commissioning, and service....

  • Domat Control System perceives its commitment to provide advanced solutions and up-to-date technology. As a consequence, we always do our best to introduce new products, services and product updates on a frequent basis. 

    Energy management system
    ContPort is a software package for energy consumption analysis – a customized database client for history data processing. It contains a ticketing system, online data access, statistic modules and benchmarking. ContPort evaluates energy flows in buildings and exports the processed data into enterprise management systems. It is a tool for system optimization, effective energy saving, and performance contracting services.

    The Merbon SCADA supports both plant graphics and tabelar access to the datapoint values and properties. It provides flexible
    topology, alarm processing and messaging, trend data sampling, and extensive integration potential for Domat Control System controllers as well as for 3rd party PLCs and control systems.

    Process stations
    The heart of the Domat Control System topology are process stations with the Merbon runtime, free programmable DDC application with both universal and HVAC-specific function blocks. Process stations with touch screens use graphical HMI interface for supervision and control. The platforms used are Windows 7 Embedded, Linux, and dedicated OS, according to communication and performance demands.

    I/O moduly
    The Domat Control System input and output modules provide standardized interfaces between the process and the control system. They are used forprocess controls and for data acquisition in metering systems as well. Standard modules (4/8 DO, 8/16 DI, 8 AI, 8
    AO, counters), and compact modules with HVAC-optimized I/O mix are available. Communicative room controllers are also integrated at this system level.

    A broad range of Domat Control System peripherals: temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality (VOC, CO2), and light sensors with standard outputs for both indoor and outdoor usage. Thermostats for air and water, safety elements, and other components provide reliable data for the superset system layers. Elegant room controls and sensors also in customer design.

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