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Established in Taiwan in 1997, New J.R. Electronic provides total power and energy saving solutions. We could precisely meet your requirements and reliability needs with application of Artesyn's power modules and digital programmable AC/DC power supply.

Our products and services are

  • broadest product lines including communications, industrial, computing, data storage and healthcase applications

  • modified standards and value-add service

  • low energy consumption

  • ECO friendly products

  • space-efficient and highly density products

  • vast knowledge, experience and expertise


  • Configurable intelligent high power system
    Designed for a wide range of medical and industrial applications, iHP configurable intelligent power system provides accuracy, resolution and stability as either a programmable voltage or current source....

  • It provides up to 24 kW in 3 kW increments and can be configured for up to eight (8) outputs using a wide variety of plug-in modules that address a large range of voltages and currents.

    Safety approvals secured by Artesyn eliminate the need for an isolation transformer in medical equipment. The iHP power system also has industrial safety approvals and meets the SEMI F47 voltage sag tolerance standard for semiconductor processing equipment.

    The iHP power system offers developers either an analog or digital interface to their system supporting standard communications protocols, while a software graphical user interface (GUI) allows for easy configuration.

    The iHP power system offers efficient power factor correction (PFC) and low total harmonic distortion (THD) over a wide range of loads. It uses a multi-phase continuous mode boost PFC architecture, resulting in ripple current cancellation that offers lower EMI and extends the life of electrolytic capacitors. The user can configure the iHP system for single- or three-phase input.

  • Configurable power supply
    With a new higher maximum power output of 1800 watts, the µMP16 offers a power density of 22.9 W/in3 and efficiency of up to 91 percent, making it even more cost effective for equipment that has multiple power input requirements....

  • The power supply case features six slots that users can configure from a wide variety of adjustable power modules, ranging from 0.9 to 60 Volts, enabling nearly limitless output power configurations across up to 12 outputs. With modules connected in series the µMP16 can achieve output voltages up to 360 Vdc.


    The µMP series is already powering equipment such as MRI, CT and PET scanners, microbiology diagnostic systems, test and measurement systems, and industrial equipment such as paper processing machines; the next generation is set to bring a new level of flexibility and functionality to these and many more applications. This new generation µMP series has been redesigned with greater digital integration for increased reliability and a 36 percent reduction in fan noise over the first generation product.


    Designed to ensure high efficiency and reliability – even in extreme environmental conditions – the new µMP16 is rated for performance at temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius. It can withstand a shock of more than 50 G and meets the MIL-STD-810G specification for vibration. The calculated mean time between failures is more than 350,000 hours at full load. Conformal coating is also available as an 
  • Cost-effective 1500W bulk front end power supply
    LCM1500 provides a low cost solution to Industrial and Medical single output high power requirements....

  • Full featured, the 2.4" x 5" x 10" enclosed form factor utilizes a smart fan for self contained thermal management at very low acoustic noise levels. Digital DSP control allows for a high level of modification flexibility. Voltage output for the series ranges from 10.8V - 52.8V at a continuous output power of 1500W. The LCM1500 also provides an optional 5V Standby and many optional I/O configurations 

    The LCM1500 provide for a very wide range of AC-DC embedded power requirement. Featuring high build quality with robust screw terminals, long life, and typical full-load efficiency of greater than 89 percent, these units are ideal for use in industrial and medical applications. They are backed by a comprehensive set of industrial and medical safety approvals and certificates.

    A sophisticated digital control loop optimizes efficiency across a wide load range. The efficiency of both the LCM1500 is greater than 91 percent at full load (230 Vac nominal input), and is at least 80 percent at all loads higher than 25 percent. Power factor correction is implemented internally, offering a typical power factor of 0.99.

  • Digital dual output non-isolated converter
    The LGA80D DC-DC module offers one of the highest current density ratings in the industry and market-leading efficiency of 95.5 percent typical....

  • With a footprint of just 1 x 0.5 inches or 25.4 x 12.5mm, this innovative non-isolated unit offers two independent and configurable 40 amp, 100 watt outputs, which can also be combined to a single configurable 80 amp, 200 watt output.

    Both analog control and digital control functions are enabled on this unit, so the LGA80D can be controlled with resistors or controlled and monitored by using the industry-standard PMBus digital interface. Applications such as graphics, data or video processing, using high power devices, such as server processors, FPGAs, supercomputers, network, storage and telecom equipment, can benefit from the current density, efficiency and flexibility of control of Artesyn’s LGA80D digital DC-DC converter.

    The input voltage and output voltage specifications remain the same in any configuration, so the input is defined as 7.5 V to 14 V and the output voltage can always be adjusted within the range of 0.6 V to 5.2 V meaning that a broad range of semiconductor devices and applications can be supported.

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