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Established in 1992, FORM Co. Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of Automatic Test Equipment - line of cost-effective FORMULA® test systems for VLSI, semiconductor, relay and circuit board testing. 94 companies in Russia use our equipment and test solutions in product and qualification testing, R&D, quality process analysis and incoming inspection. 

FORM produces its Test Systems at our own production facilities in Moscow and provides customer support and service throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment. As a developer and manufacturer of FORMULA® test systems, we are ready to offer you specialized solutions for your particular tasks.

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 Press Releases

  • FORMULA® HF3 platform test systems come in two models – FORMULA® HF3 and FORMULA® HF3 512 – and are designed for functional testing of a wide range of high-speed VLSI circuits: microcontrollers; static and dynamic memory; masterslice VLSI circuits; ASICs, FPGA and others with up to 256/512 signal outputs and operating frequency up to 200 MHz.

    The key technical characteristics of the test systems are defined by the following values:

    • Number of universal bidirectional pins – up to 256/512;
    • Functional test frequency – up to 200 MHz per pin;
    • Vector/error memory depth – up to 64 М/64 М vectors;
    • Overall Timing Accuracy (OTA) – not more than ±700 picosec.

    FORMULA® has modular bus architecture that implements the principle of custom configuration of equipment with a choice of primary and secondary devices corresponding to the range of measurement and testing tasks.

  • The high level of comprehensive automation of all stages of the measurement process provided by the FORMULA® TT3 ATE makes it possible to concentrate on the most important things – the features of operation, and analysis of deviations in the semiconductor devices tested.

    The hardware/software, design and metrological solutions realized in the test system ensure highly reliable results, keep the work of test personnel free of routine and errors, and significantly increase operational efficiency when performing measurements and tests at industry facilities.

    The FORMULA® TT3 Test System is a universal testing and measuring system designed for comprehensive automated verification of the static parameters of semiconductor devices: field effect and bipolar transistors and IGBTs, diodes, thyristors, voltage regulator diodes, optrons and microassemblies, as well as:

    • measuring capacitance: input, cross and output capacitance for field effect transistors and IGBTs;
    • measuring charge: gate-drain, gate-source and total charge for field effect transistors and IGBTs;
    • measuring individual parameters of passive components (L, C, R).


  • FORMULA®HF3 测试 系统
    FORMULA HF3 测试系统是一套用于测试超高频率VLSI电路的功能和参数的自动测试设备。 用于VLSI电路的质量控制、新开发的VLSI电路品种的测试和研究,以及系列产品的生产监控。 通用双向通道数——高达256/512 功能测试频率——高达200兆赫每个通道。 矢量/误差存储——高达64 М/64 М 矢量。...

  • FORMULA HF3 平台测试系统是为了可靠测试多种VLSI电路而研发出来的。
    这个测试系统的关键技术特性,由下列数值 确定:
    矢量/误差存储——高达64 М/64 М 矢量。
    FORMULA HF3 测试系统是测量VLSI电路用的功能完善的自动测试技术,提供:
    FORMULA 测试系统具有模块化常规结构,可以根据测量范围和测试任务,选配主要的和次要的配置。
  • FORMULA® TT3测试系统是
    由FORMULA® TT3 ATE提供的各个阶段的高水平全面自动化测试过程,使得我们有可能专注于-半导体器件设备测试的运行特性和偏差分析这些最重要的事情上。 硬件/软件、设计以及在系统测试中实现的计算解决方案保证了高度可靠的结果,这些结果使测试人员的工作不受程序和误差的影响,并在工业设备进行测量和测试时显著提高操作效率。...

  • FORMULA® TT3测试系统是一种设计用于全面自动检验半导体设备静态参数的通用测试和测量系统,包括:场效应和双极晶体管、绝缘栅双极型晶体管、二极管、晶闸管、电压调节二极管、光导发光组件和微组件,以及:


    FORMULA® TT3满足微电子测量和测试的计量标准要求。

    该设备的以下功能使 FORMULA® TT3 测试系统易于使用:

    短脉冲(300 µs起)模式用于高功率晶体管测量,消除了从测试主体中去除技术上热度困难的必要;








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