Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited

6F-6, No.28, Tai Yuen St. Chu Pei City, HsinChu, 
  • Booth: L516
  • - 4th Floor

Welcome to TELTEC Pacific‘s booth - L516.

Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Ltd ( is a leading Sales & Service Organization serving the Semiconductor Industry (Front & Backend) & Emerging Hi-technology Industry (MEMS, Nanotechnology, Opto-electronics & PV Solar) for 33 years.

The represented products are widely used in the following applications:

1) Substrate Cleaning: Plasma Cleaning Systems, UVO Cleaners, Wafer Bonders.

2) Failure Analysis: Failure Analysis: Xray Inspection Systems with CT, Mechanical Testers, Chemical and Plasma Decapsulation Sytesms 

3) Reliability: Bubble Testers and Centrifuges

4) IC Testing: IC Testers & Handlers, Harddockings, Interfaces, Manipulators, Probe Stations.

5) Photolithography: Photoresists for  MEMS, Compound Semiconductor, E-beam Lithography and Advanced Display and Packaging Applications, Mask Aligners and Maskless Exposure Systems, Spin Coaters and Hotplates

6) Metrology: AFMs, Profilers, Wafer or Thin Film Thickness and Stress Measurement Systems, Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Systems and Nanoindentors

7) Deposition & Etching: Plasma Deposition & Etching Systems, ALD Systems, Sputtering & Evaporation Systems.

8) Solar: Solar Simulators with IV/QE Systems (Remove  Nanoimprint stamps)

9) X‐ray Techniques : Material Analysis (Composition, Electronic  Structures or  Microstructures): Xray Sources (Synchrotron level), Micro XRF (Xray  Fluoresence) , XAS (Xray Absorption Spectroscopy)  and X-ray Microscopy Systems



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