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Welcome to Precision Polymer Engineering!

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) designs, develops and manufactures high performance elastomers, delivering advanced sealing solutions for critical semiconductor applications.

PPE has developed a comprehensive suite of semiconductor sealing products proven to extend maintenance cycles, reduce particle generation and lower chamber leakage rates, in the harshest of operational environments. PPE products include O-rings, slit valve doors, KF/ISO/NW fittings, wafer handling components and custom-made components.


PERLAST and KIMURA represent the next generation of high performance elastomers for the semiconductor industry.

PERLAST perfluoroelastomer seals are used in dynamic and static applications, designed to provide excellent mechanical properties with extended high temperature performance and improved chemical resistance - with specially developed compounds offering exceptional plasma resistance.

KIMURA seals provide a unique self-reinforcing polymer structure, eliminating the need for fillers and ensuring a seal of the highest purity.

We look forward to finding an ultra-pure sealing solution which is perfect for you.


  • Perlast® Perfluoroelastomers
    Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) is the most chemically resistant elastomer available. Perlast perfluoroelastomer grades are valuable in critical sealing applications where purity and high temperature resistance are paramount....

  • The Perlast range of perfluoroelastomer materials is at the leading edge of polymer technology. They have been developed to offer superior sealing solutions with enhanced performance and improved functionality. 

    Features of Perlast FFKM:

    • Almost universal chemical resistance
    • High temperature stability
    • Outstanding mechanical properties
    • High purity, for reduced process contamination

    Benefits of using Perlast seals

    • Increased in-service seal lifetime
    • Improved sealing performance
    • Extended equipment planned maintenance intervals
    • Increased equipment output
    • Reduced equipment downtime
    • Optimised process conditions
    • Reduced process contamination
    • Reduced cost of ownership

  • Nanofluor®
    Advanced ultra-pure elastomers utilising a nano-filler system, bridging the gap between the low cost of fluoroelastomer (FKM) and high cost of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) polymer types....

  • Nanofluor elastomers can be considered as hybrid materials, bridging a gap between the low cost of fluoroelastomer (FKM) and high cost of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) polymer types.

    The range includes a fully organic ultra-low outgassing material and an inorganic filled grade with unique nano-filler to reduce erosion rates. The nano-filled material provides a chemical inertness only seen in much more costly FFKM grades, and has been developed for plasma ash or resist strip, chlorine and CxFy based etch processes.

    Nanofluor grades provide some of the lowest trace metal contamination levels available from elastomer seals and ultra-low permeation rates.

    Key attributes of Nanofluor:

    • Ultra pure with extremely low trace metal contaminants which may cause electrical yield problems.
    • Excellent plasma resistance - ideal for most plasma chemistries except high F-radical processes.
    • Plasma resistance comparable or superior to many competitive pure FFKM grades
    • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
    • Retro-fits existing O-ring grooves (including FKM and FFKM grooves)
    • Low permeation
    • Low outgassing
  • Kimura®
    A unique range of fully organic elastomers ideally suited to thermal, dynamic and specific plasma processes where radical concentrations are generally lower or where inorganic filler systems are undesirable....

  • The Kimura range of high performance elastomer materials utilise a controlled molecular architecture which provides a unique self-reinforcing polymer structure, providing improved chemical resistance without the use of inorganic fillers of any kind. This high purity material breaks new ground in elastomer technology, developed specifically for aggressive chlorine and CxFy based semiconductor applications.

    Kimura elasomers span the range of fluoro and perfluoro (FKM and FFKM) materials and includes unique hybrid elastomers, specifically developed by PPE for the semiconductor industry to offer a step-change in sealing performance. Kimura surpasses what had previously been achievable for fully organic materials.

    The high purity of the polymer combined with the absence of inorganic fillers makes Kimura materials suitable for processes involving lower feature sizes.

    Key material attributes:

    • Exceptionally pure - does not contain any inorganic fillers which may lead to particle generation
    • High thermal stability
    • Low thermal expansion - retro-fits existing O-ring grooves (including FKM and FFKM grooves)
    • Low compression set for extended seal life
    • Low permeation
    • Low outgassing
    • Low adhesion (reduced sticking)
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