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We strive to provide advanced laboratory instruments and a total solution to our business partners.

Our products are including Site survey & troubleshooting, SEM/TEM sample preparation, Desktop scanning electron microscope, SEM microanalysis systems and Consumbles.

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  • Phenom World Desktop SEM
    The faster, higher-resolution desktop sem...

  • 1. 體積小,防震佳,不受場地限制

    2. 全程自動化樣品台操作更具備樣品導航功能

    3. 自動對焦,自動調整亮度與明暗對比

    4. 長效型高亮度高解析的CeB6燈絲源(非一般鎢燈絲),減低後續維修保養的時間

    5. 高感度的背散射偵測器

    6. 特殊樣品台設計,樣品不需鍍金直接觀看

    7. 真空系統:薄膜幫浦, TMP(無油式真空系統)

    8. 操作簡易,人員學習30分鐘即可操作

  • PIE Scientific Plasma cleaner
    Desktop / Remote Plasma cleaner...

  • Tabletop plasma cleaner applications
    1. Medical device activation, sterilization and improve coating adhesion
    2. Photoresist ashing, descum and silicon wafer cleaning
    3. PDMS, microfluidics, glass slides and lab-on-a-chip
    4. SEM/TEM sample cleaning for hydrocarbon contamination removal
    5. Wire bonding, flip chip underfill, device encapsulation and decapsulation
    6. Improve bonding for metal to metal or composite
    7. Improve bonding for plastic, polymer and composite materials
    Remote plasma cleaner applications
    1. In-situ sample cleaning for FE-SEM, FIB and TEM
    2. Contamination removal for semiconductor equipment, such as CD-SEM, EBR, EBI, EUVL
    3. High vacuum chamber cleaning to remove hydrocarbon contamination on electron microscopes, XPS, AES system.
    4. Sample cleaning for XPS, SIMS, AES
    5. Sample cleaning for ALD after organic solvent cleaning
  • Spicer Magnetic Field Cancelling System
    Magnetic field cancelling system for SEM, TEM and CD-SEM...

  • • Makes the ambient magnetic field “OK” for the electron microscope
    • Adapts to field changes within 100 μs
    • Touch screen intelligent user interface with automatic setup and DC reset
    • Ethernet and USB ports for remote operation and monitoring

  • Technoorg Linda Ion Milling
    Ion milling for SEM sample preparation...

  • 1.Highest quality sample preparation
    2.Automated operation
    3.Easy-to-use handling
    4.Widest energy range
    5.Different sample cooling options

  • Herz Active Vibration Isolation System
    Solve the environmental vibration problem of TEM...

  • 1. It is ready to use, requiring only simple adjustment of the springs after installlation.

    2. No adjustments of parameters reguired when istallation.

    3. Offers a vibration isolation evironmemt from low frequrencies upwards.

    4. Overload indicated by flashing LEDs in the control unit.

    5. A diagnostic signal available at the back of the control unit can be observed on an oscilloscope to check the correct operation of the isolation system.

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