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KYZEN has been pioneering award-winning environmentally responsible advanced cleaning technologies since 1990 by fusing our commitment to groundbreaking science in cleaning chemistries and research with the care we have for your manufacturing cleaning process and your success. That means we continuously improve our cleaning agents and problem solve to create the most effective cleaning products and solutions to suit your specific needs. And, we are meticulous in our attention to detail in meeting those manufacturing cleaning needs, tackling it head on and sticking with it until it is successfully resolved.


  • Micronox® MX2707
    pH Neutral Advanced Packaging Cleaning Chemistry...

  • Product Detail: Micronox® MX2707 is a neutral range pH chemistry
    designed for Flip Chip, Package on Package and Chip Scale Packages and is particularly effective on copper pillar technology. MX2707 most effectively cleans organic acid flux residues at lower concentrations and effectively cleans under highly dense die without reacting with exposed metals, such as Cu, Al, Sn, Ni, and Ag finishes or damaging substrates. Collectively, these unique properties position MX2707 to be a universal cleaner for advanced packages.

    • Effectively cleans under highly dense die
    • Will not attack or corrode unexposed metal and intermetallic alloys
    • SAC, Aluminum and Copper safe
    • Lowers surface tension
    • Environmentally Friendly
  • Micronox® MX2302
    Semiconductor & Advanced Assembly Cleaning Solutions...

  • Product Detail: Micronox® MX2302 is an engineered semi aqueous solvent cleaning solution designed to clean all low and high solid paste fluxes common in die attach, flip chip, copper pillar and emerging semiconductor assembly.

    ·       Effective in Ultrasonic, Centrifugal and Semi-Aqueous Spray Under Immersion Cleaning Systems

    ·       Compatible with All Soldering Materials and Metal Layers

    ·       Excellent Performance on 2.5D & 3D Chip Stacking

    ·       Rinses Easily & Complete to Increase Wire Bond Yields

  • Ionox® FCR
    High-Strength, Semi-Aqueous Electronics Cleaner...

  • Product Detail: Ionox® FCR is a high-strength, concentrated cleaner containing a blend of organic solvents and inhibitors, is multi-metal safe and is designed to be used in immersion agitation, ultrasonic or centrifugal systems. Ionox FCR effectivly removes virtually all types of fluxes inclduing rosin, low residue/no-clean and organic acid flux. A water rinse is required to remove all traces of soils and cleaner residues from substrate surfaces.

    ·       Excellent rinsing properties

    ·       Longer bath life

    ·       Effective on advanced packaging, hybrid and SMT substrates

    ·       Lower cost of use

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