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DAJA-UHP, your partner of EP/BA/AP pipe and pipe fittings.

DAJA, a quality brand of UHP gas/chemical piping and fittings product manufactuer, a division of Tachia Yung Ho Machine Ind. Co from Taiwan.

DAJA design, manufacture and distribute:

1. EP/BA/AP pipe & pipe fittings
2. HP ball valve & butterfly valve
3. UHP diaphragm valve
4. HP compression fittings
5. UHP Mini butt-weld micro fittings
6. UHP Metal Face Seal fittings & gasket
7. UHP CGA/Diss gasket & fitting
8. OEM/ODM UHP valves service

DAJA quanlity system is certified as below :
ISO 9001-2008
ISO 14000

DAJA's core manufacturing technology covering scope as below :
1. EP, electro polishing process
2. Abrasive flow polishing process
3. Precision CNC machining mechenical parts
4. Ultrosonic DI water cleaning in clean room
5. Residual oil & grease detecting and measuring technology
6. Clean room TIG orbital welding technolodgy.
7. Leakage testing
8. Precison forging
9. Nickel, VIM VAR stainless steel machining,EP processing and UHP cleaning/packaging


  • EP/BA/AP Pipe & Fittings
    For specialty gas, bulk gas & CDA high purity gas piping...

  • 1. Size range:1/4" – 800A
    2. EP, BA (MPS) or AP grade
    3. Stainless steel 316L, 304L and 304
    4. Clean room packaging
  • HP Ball Valve/Butterfly Valve
    Control valve for CDA/N2 high purity gas shut-off control...

  • 1. Working pressure: 10K/20K

    2. Size range: 1/4’’-3/4’’, 15A-800A

    3. Cleaning: DI water cleaning

    4. Pressure testing & packing: Class 100 clean room

  • HP Instrumentation Fittings/Compression Fittings
    Quick and non-welding piping solution for CDA/Bulk gas piping application....

  • 1. One assembly is included main body fitting, front ferrules, back ferrules, and nuts.
    2. Silver coating is applied inside of nuts to prevent galling during the construction a assembly.
    3. Cleaning and packing in certified Class 100 clean room.
    4. Designation working pressure 3000PSI max.
    5. Designation of leakage proof 1x10-9atm.cc/sec.
  • OEM/ODM Contract Service for UHP Valve Body/Part
    Tachia Yung Ho is capable to do design, proto-type sample, testing and mass-production for all demand....

  • DAJA’s core technology covering scope as below:

    1. EP, electro polishing process.

    2. Abrasive flow polishing process.

    3. Precision CNC machining for valve body.

    4. Ultrasonic DI water cleaning in clean room.

    5. Residual oil & grease detecting and measuring.

    6. Clean room TIG orbital welding .

    7. Leakage testing.

    8. Precision forging.

    9. Nickel, VIM VAR stainless steel machining & handling.

    10. Hydro-forming technology.

  • UHP CGA/DISS Gasket & Fittings
    Quick and non-welding piping solution for UHP CGA high pressure gas handling with cylinder application....

  • ☆ Confirms to CGA V-1-2005 Standard.

    ☆ 100% visual inspection.

    ☆ Cleaned and packaged in a Class 100 clean-room environment.

    ☆ Apply to working pressure 2500psi.

    ☆ Leakage proof test at 1x10-9 atm.cc/sec.

  • UHP Metal Face Seal Fittings & Micro BW Fittings
    Quick and non-welding piping solution for UHP specialty gas, VMB/VMP and hook-up piping application....

  • 1. One assembly includes 1 male gland, 1 female gland, 1 male nut, 1 female nut and 1 metal gasket.

    2. Silver coating is applied inside of female nut to prevent galling during the construction a assembly.

    3. Cleaning and packing in certified Class 100 clean room.

    4. EP/BA grade available.

    5. Gasket is available for nickel and stainless steel material.

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