Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Atsugi-shi,  Kanagawa 
  • Booth: K2860
  • - 1st Floor

 Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, as a device solutions manufacturer, earnestly endeavor to contribute to the evolution of human lifestyles, by providing brand-new user experience with our advanced imaging and sensing technology.

 In Semicon Taiwan 2018, following high speed vision sensor IMX382 based solutions will be shown for smart manufacturing.

1) Analog gauge digitizing

Current approach of analog gauge digitizing is taking photo and processing it by PC software, which is complex and limited by space. IMX382 with object-tracking and on-chip image recognition processing function, can realize direct digitizing of analog gauges without PC. The simple system can be installed in any necessary place and support your operation. Welcome to our booth to see the demo and discuss potential use case in your factory.

2) Shortening Pick & Place process by Robot

Current robot pick & place operation has to pause the robot arm above camera in order to take a photo for image processing. IMX382 sensor is equipped with self-trigger/high speed shutter/object detection function. At the same time as robot operates, IMX382 based camera can shoot and process its picture automatically and quickly. NO more robot waiting time. Try IMX382 solution and accelerate your robot and factory.

 We look forward to meeting you in the Smart Manufacturing Journey (Booth Label K2860) and to serving your business in the future.

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