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Welcome to world's largest test equipment services company

Since December 2016, Electro Rent acquired Microlease to combine as world's largest test equipment services company. Both companies has a strong background and excellent track records in supplying equipment to all the leading electronics brands, we have strong relationships with all the major Test and Measurement brands to offer programmes to acquire equipment.

We help clients from various industries with the whole cycle, from acquiring the right equipment in the right way, to optimising its use and getting the best return after use, to save you time and money at each stage. You may choose from award-winning Rental & Leasing Solutions, Buying New or Used, other Financial Options and Trading-In equipment through to deploying full Asset Management.

Our footprint extends across Asia, Europe and the United States of America, Asian offices are located in Malaysia (HQ for Asia), Singapore, India, China and Taiwan. With over 50 years of experience managing and supplying 107,000 equipment worth US$1.1 billion, shipped to more than 100 countries, financial solidity to invest and the highest levels of quality, you can rely on us for your equipment needs and get on with your projects.

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  • Keysight E5071C ENA Vector Network Analyzer
    Designed with a wide range of measurement capability to meet multiple network analysis needs, a new standards in speed, accuracy and versatility, it offers efficiency and flexibility for both manufacturing and R&D applications....

  • Key Features and Functions
    • Wide frequency coverage: 9 kHz to 20 GHz
    • Low trace noise: < 0.004 dB rms at 70 kHz IFBW
    • Wide dynamic range: > 123 dB
    • Fast measurement speed: 9 msec for 401 points with error correction
    • High temperature stability: 0.005 dB/°C
    • 2 or 4 ports, plus flexible multiport configuration of up to 22 ports with E5092A
    • Improve accuracy, yield and margins with wide dynamic range
    • Built-in VBA programming environment enables high throughput and UI customization
    • Powerful analysis and error correction
    • Advanced characterization of mixers (such as the vector mixer calibration) and amplifiers with frequency offset mode (optional)
    • Advanced characterization of high-speed serial interconnects with enhanced time domain analysis (optional)
    • Upgrade are available for all E5071C options at any time
    • Obtain design confidence through complete characterization of high-speed serial interconnects with enhanced time domain analysis option
    • Calibration Plans
      Every spec verified, adjustments included
    • Assurance Plans
      Lock in support & peak performance from the start
  • Keysight N5752A DC System Power Supply, 600V, 1.3A
    It provides universal AC input, GPIB, LAN, USB, LXI compliance, and analog/resistance control of output voltage and current, gives you solid performance and a variety of basic and enhanced capabilities in a compact 1U package for a tight budget....

  • Key Features

    • Voltage: 600 V
    • Current: 1.3 A
    • Power: 780 W
    • Universal input, 100/200 VAC, 10.5A/5A
    • Power Factor Correction (0.99 typ.)
    • Parallel up to 4 units for higher power
    • Over-voltage, current and temperature protection
    • Constant voltage/constant current
    • Independent remote on/off and remote enable/disable
    • 15 Store/recall states
    • Rotary encoders for voltage and current adjustment
    • GPIB, LAN, USB interface included
    • Built-in web server for remote monitor and control
    • Fully compliant to LXI Class C

  • Teledyne Lecroy WaveMaster 816Zi-B
    Featuring the highest-speed serial data triggers, the only complete multi-lane serial data analysis and eye diagram solution, it combines the performance, signal fidelity and feature set needed for today’s high-speed measurements....

  • Key Features
    • Up to 30 GHz bandwidth and 80 GS/s sample rate
    • The most advanced oscilloscope user interface
    • The industry’s only true hardware 14.1 Gb/s serial trigger
    • Low Jitter Measurement Floor and exceptional timebase stability
    • Comprehensive set of serial data analysis, debug, validation and compliance tools
    • Integrated 50 Ω and 1 MΩ inputs for true connection and probing flexibility
    • Integrated standard and custom measurements and math functions for unrivaled analysis capability
    • Multi-lane serial data eye, jitter and crosstalk analysis
    • Real-time de-embedding, emulation, and equalization
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