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Innovative Moldex3D, helping you to maximize product ROI.

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. (Moldex3D) was founded in 1995, it has provided the professional plastic injection molding simulation solution “Moldex” series for the plastic injection molding industry, and the current product “Moldex3D” is marketed worldwide.

With intimate domain knowledge, Moldex3D endeavors to become the ultimate choice for mold designers worldwide and the proliferating plastics industry. As a topnotch provider of computer-aided engineering software, Moldex3D allows users unprecedented and seamless compatibility with other leading specialized design and engineering software.

In pursuit of the most truthful analysis, Moldex3D eliminates the painstaking trials-and-errors; with the most authentic presentation, Moldex3D enables perfect match between prediction and end-result; with provision of the most concrete services, Moldex3D helps users master the most profound skills and knowledge.

Mold the topnotch professional software with constant technical innovation and genuine devotion to comprehensive services; become the ultimate choice for mold designers and the best partner of plastics industry.

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  • Moldex3D
    最新版的塑膠成型模擬軟體 Moldex3D R16,不但將模擬的效率及可靠度提升至新的水準,更協助用戶優化整體模擬分析流程,加速產品創新。為協助產業解決開發及製造塑膠產品帶來的挑戰,Moldex3D R16 賦予用戶更強大的模擬能量,並提供顯著的效能改善,帶來更可靠的數值模擬分析結果。...

  • Moldex3D晶片封裝解決方案

    IC封裝是以環氧樹脂材料 (Epoxy Molding Compound, EMC)進行封裝的製程,藉以達到保護精密電子晶片避免物理損壞或腐蝕。在封裝的過程中包含了微晶片和其他電子元件(所謂的打線)、熱固性材料的固化反應、封裝製程條件控制之間的交互作用。由於微晶片封裝包含許多複雜元件,例如 : 環氧樹脂(EMC),矽晶片、導線架及高密度金線,故晶片封裝製程中將會產生許多製程挑戰與不確定性。常見的IC封裝問題如:充填不完全、空孔、金線偏移、導線架偏移及翹曲變形等。
    Moldex3D 晶片封裝模組提供完整系列的解決方案,包含 : 轉注成型、毛細底部填膠(CUF)、壓縮成型、崁入式晶圓級封裝(EWLP)、非流動性底部填膠(NUF)/非導電膠製程(NCP)。針對網格生成,使用者可以選用自動化網格簡單的專案設定;另外,針對更複雜封裝組合,還可以採用手動產生網格的方式(例如: 導線架與矽晶片堆疊)完成專案設定。
    Moldex3D晶片封裝模組目前支援的分析項目相當完善,除了基礎的EMC流動充填與硬化過程模擬;並延伸到其他先進製造評估,例如 : 填充料比例、底部填充封裝、後熟化過程、應力分佈與結構變形等。透過精準的模擬可以預測及解決重大成型問題,將有助於產品品質提升,更可以有效地預防潛在缺陷;藉由優化達到最佳化設計,並縮減製造成本和週期。

    Moldex3D IC Packaging Overview

    Plastic Chip Encapsulation is a molding process where chips are being capsulated with Epoxy Molding Compound (EMC) to prevent physical damage or corrosion. This process contains the interconnection between microchips and other electronics (so-called wire bonding), curing phenomenon of thermoset material, and various control management of process conditions. Due to the complexity of multiple material components, such as EMC, chip, or leadframe, and high wire density, many challenges and uncertainty have been brought to the Chip Encapsulation process. Common defects include incomplete fill, air traps, voids, wire sweep, paddle shift, package warpage, etc.
    Moldex3D IC Packaging provides a complete series of molding solutions, and supports comprehensive solutions such as : Transfer Molding, Molded Underfill, Capillary Underfill (CUF), Compression Molding, Embedded Wafer Level Package (EMWLP), and No Flow Underfill (NFU) / Non Conductive Paste (NCP). Auto meshing function supports for user to complete encapsulation analysis more easily. User also can adopt advanced manual meshing for more complex component like undercut-shaped lead frame.
    Moldex3D IC Packaging helps designers to fully analyze the chip encapsulation process from filling, curing, cooling, to advanced manufacturing demands, such as filler concentration, underfill encapsulation, post-molding curing, stress distribution, or structural evaluation. Significant molding problems can be predicted and solved upfront, which helps engineers enhance chip quality and prevent potential defects more efficiently. The accurate simulation also helps design optimization and well cost management.

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