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What we do

Daehyun ST is the industrial tape manufacturer in South Korea.

Daehyun ST provides customized tape solution for a variety of applications.

We specialize in this field for more than 20 years and have customers more than in 20 countries.

Customers include Semiconductor, PCB, Mobile/Display, Li-ion Battery, Home Appliances. fields

Benefits we provide

1. Quick Response

2. Short Lead Time

3. Small MOQ


  • DST QFN Lead Frame PI Tape
    DST QFN Lead Frame PI Tape...

  • ◆ Introduction (產品介紹)


    ▪ 大賢ST的 LT Series可以貼在Lead Frame Back Side表面
    ▪ DST LT Series is the assisting tape for the back side of the lead frame during the Molding Process for QFN package
    ▪ 產品特性可依據客户工程条件所需進行客製化處理
    ▪ Optimization is possible in accordance with the operational process
    ▪ Cu / Selective / PPF Lead Frame 上均可以適用
    ▪ Suitable for Cu / Selective / PPF Lead Frame
    ▪ 可以製造成Silicone Adhesive Type和Thermoplastic Polymer Type
    ▪ Silicone Adhesive Type, Thermoplastic Polymer Type available


    ◆ Features (特點)


    ▪ Silicone Type產品具備Molding工程所需的耐熱性, Molding工程後容易剝離
    ▪ Silicone Type has the high-temperature resistance for the Molding Process and it is easy to remove after the Molding Process
    ▪ Thermoplastic Polymer Type 產品具備W/B工程上所需的髙耐熱性 (260℃/10min),
    ▪ Plasma Cleaning 工程也可使用該Tape產品
    ▪ Thermoplastic Polymer Type has the high-temperature resistance (260℃/10min) that is required for the wire bonding process and it is also suitable for Plasma Cleaning Process





  • DST QFN Mold Release Tape
    DST QFN Mold Release Tape...

  • ◆ Introduction (產品介紹)


    ▪ 大賢ST的MF Series最適合QFN的Epoxy Molding工程

    ▪ DST MF Series is the ideal tape for the Epoxy Molding Process of QFN Package

    ▪ 可將Epoxy和化學反應最小化,Molding工程後從Epoxy 上容易脫離

    ▪ It is easy to remove the tape from the Epoxy due to the minimization of the chemical reaction with the Epoxy


    ◆  Features (特點)


    ▪ 最適合Molding工程的Base Film, Loading時不會發生褶皺(Wrinkle)

    ▪ Wrinkle does not occur during the Loading Process due to the optimized Base Film

    ▪ 具備Molding工程所需的髙耐熱性

    ▪ It has the high temperature resistance for Molding Process

    ▪ 依據客户的要求,可添加Anti-Static Treatment

    ▪ Anti-Static Treatment is available upon request

  • DST Wafer/PKG Dicing TApe
    DST Wafer/PKG Dicing TApe...

  • ◆ Introduction (產品介紹)


    ▪ 大賢ST的DC Series是用於Wafer & PKG Dicing的Tape

    ▪ DST DC Series is suitable for Wafer & PKG Dicing

    ▪ 可提供UV Type和Non-UV Type

    ▪ Suitable for UV Type and Non-UV Type

    ◆ Features (特點)


    ▪ 在UV照射後也能保持較髙的黏著力, 適用於自動化工程

    ▪ It maintains high adhesion even after UV irradiation, which makes it the suitable tape for the automation process

    ▪ 在UV照射後減低黏著力,適用於Pick Up

    ▪ It is suitable for manual pick-up by minimizing adhesion after UV irradiation

  • DST Thermal Release Tape
    DST Thermal Release Tape...

  • ◆ Introduction (產品介紹)

    ▪ 大賢ST的TR Series是用於FOWLP的熱解(熱減黏)Tape

    ▪  DST TR Series is suitable for FOWLP

    ▪ 可最大化簡化客户的工程

    ▪ Contribute to automation/laborsaving since it is ideal  tape to simplify the process

    ◆ Features (特點)

    ▪ 可適用於多樣的溫度需求(250℃, 210℃, 150℃, 120℃)

    ▪ Available to select temperatures for releasing (120℃, 150℃,210℃, 250℃)

    ▪ 發泡後,可減少殘膠現象的發生

    ▪ It leaves no residue after releasing

    ▪ 可用於單面&雙面加工

    ▪ Single and double sided are available

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