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II-VI Laser Solutions provides a continuum of semi-conductor laser product solutions for high precision, efficient, clean & cost effective semiconductor lasers to our customers in industrial, automotive and volume production operations. We are looking forward to your visiting!


  • Actively Cooled Bars and Stacks
    The II-VI Laser Enterprise Monsoon multi-bar modules provide OEM customers with scalable power up to multiple kilowatts for pumping, industrial, medical and defense applications....

  • The modular platform can be configured for enhanced brightness through stacking, lensing and custom optical design, or scaled linearly or vertically for optimized light and material interaction. In any use, Monsoon multi-bar modules offer compact size, leading performance, and unrivalled reliability.  The Monsoon multi-bar modules are available at 780 to 14xx nm wavelength ranges.


    • Up to 100 W CW and 200W qCW laser diode bars for high brightness
    • Multiple wavelength ranges available from 780 nm to 14xx nm
    • Modular and compact design for ease of integration
    • Scalable platforms that meet the most demanding power requirement
    • Durable package for use in rugged environments at elevated temperatures
    • Expected lifetime of standard products > 10,000 hours


    • Solid-state laser pumping
    • Printing/Reprographics
    • Material processing
    • Medical/Life and health sciences
    • Defense and security
    • Illumination 
  • High Power VCSEL Array
    High Power Laser VCSEL Array up to 4 W pulsed power at 940nm...

  • -Designed for high volume 3D sensing applications (ToF, Structured Light, Active stereo, flood illuminators)

    -Longitudinal single mode, lateral multimode

    -Optical output power scalable (0.5-4W)

    -Doughnut shaped, symmetrical far field

    -Surface mountable

    -Non-hermetic operation

    -High reliability


    • Mobile 3D Sensing
      - Time of Flight
      - Structured Light
      - Active Stereo
      - Flood illuminators
    • Industrial illumination


    • 940nm for outdoor illumination
    • 0.5-4W output power
    • Power Conversion Efficiency up to 40%
    • 22° (typ) full width 1/e2 divergence
    • High reliability
  • LLK laser light cable
    II-VI HIGHYAG laser light cables guide the light to the processing head with almost no power or beam quality losses, including the ability to withstand unwanted radiation....

  • II-VI HIGHYAG laser light cables guide the light to the processing head with almost no power or beam quality losses, including the ability to withstand unwanted radiation.Furthermore, they are robust for high accelerations and enable maximum process speed and precision for highly dynamic applications.

    With their advanced connectors they are designed for diverse industrial applications. The QBH-compatible connector, the LLK-Q, meets the demanding requirements for dynamic use in cutting machines. The connector LLK-Auto is used as an automotive standard-compliant variant for many applications and laser types. The laser light cable portfolio also includes the connectors LLK-HP for high-power applications and LLK-LP for low-power applications. 

    The features in overview

    • Protection against back reflection from the workpiece and misadjustment of the laser
    • Pre-alignment, so that replacement is possible without a need to re-adjust
    • Maintaining the numerical aperture of the laser light launched
    • Integrated monitoring system for fiber breakage, temperature and plug-in control
    • Scattered light sensors are available as an option
  • CO2 Laser Consumables
    OEM-spec optics, nozzles, and accessories...

  • From rear mirrors to focusing lenses, and every optic in between, II-VI Infrared offers replacement laser optics and components, including focusing lenses and focusing (parabolic) mirrors, bend mirrors, collimators, reflective phase retarders, rear mirrors, output couplers, and output windows. Our replacement laser optics are made from II-VI’s own zinc selenide (ZnSe), as well as copper (Cu), gallium arsenide (GaAs), germanium (Ge), molybdenum (Mo), and silicon (Si). II-VI Infrared’s world-class thin-film coatings are applied to enhance optical properties, while our quality assurance program includes comprehensive testing, documentation, and statistical analysis to ensure that each optic and component performs to customer requirements. For additional information, contact a II-VI Infrared sales and support representative. In addition to optics and optical components, we also offer a comprehensive line of over 750 replacement laser nozzles and accessories, all in stock and built to major OEM specifications. For more information on our replacement nozzles and accessories, including downloadable product catalogs, see our Nozzles & Accessories..
  • SiC Products
    II-VI Advanced Materials contributes to the SiC success story by developing and manufacturing market leading quality SiC substrates. We have over 15 years of SiC production experience and a corporate background in high volume manufacturing excellence....

  • The unique electronic and thermal properties of silicon carbide (SiC) make it ideally suited for advanced high power and high frequency semiconductor devices that operate well beyond the capabilities of either silicon or gallium arsenide devices. The key advantages of SiC-based technology include reduced switching losses, higher power density, better heat dissipation and increased bandwidth capability. At the system level, this results in highly compact solutions with vastly improved energy efficiency at reduced cost. The rapidly growing list of current and projected commercial applications utilizing SiC technologies include switching power supplies, inverters for green (solar and windmill) energy generation, industrial motor drives, HEV and EV vehicles, smart grid power switching and wireless communication base stations.

    Material Properties

    Growth Method
    Physical Vapor Transport
    Physical Properties
    Structure Hexagonal, Single Crystal
    Diameter Up to 150mm, 200mm under development
    Thickness 350µm (n-type, 3" SI), 500µm (SI)
    Grades Prime, Development, Mechanical
    Thermal Properties
    Thermal Conductivity 370 (W/mK) at Room Temperature
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient 4.5 (10-6K-1)
    Specific Heat (25⁰C) 0.71 (J g-1 K-1)
    Additional Key Properties of II-VI Advanced Materials SiC Substrates (typical values*)
    Parameter N-type  Semi-insulating
    Polytype 4H 4H, 6H
    Dopant Nitrogen Vanadium
    Resistivity ~0.02 Ohm-cm > 1∙1011 Ohm-cm
    Orientation 4° off-axis On-axis
    FWHM < 20 arc-sec < 25 arc-sec
    Roughness, Ra** < 5 Å < 5 Å
    Dislocation density ~5∙103 cm-2 < 1∙104 cm-2
    Micropipe density < 0.1 cm-2 < 0.1 cm-2

    * Typical Production Values - Contact Us for Standard Specifications or Custom Requests
    ** Measured by White Light Interferometry (250µm x 350µm)

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