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  • Maskless Novel Structural Pattern by DLG
    Maskless Novel Structural Pattern by Digital Lithography Technology...

  • In response to the diverse demands on flexible array sensors for future smart living, ITRI has developed special structures, such as ladder, based on Digital Lithography (DLG) System. Comparing to existing exposure lithography technology, a unique process by DLG can fabricate a three-dimensional design, e.g. a ladder structure, onto a glass substrate or on a special under-layer substrate without the needs of photo masks. This novel structure offers ingenuities and choices for novel applications such as flexible sensors array.
    Technical features:
    Thickness of  photoresist: 6-7μm, No mask required
    Up to 10 layers structure with ladder width ranges from 5 to 40μm
  • Warpage-Free FOPLP Structure
    Warpage-Free Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging Structure...

  • Fan-out panel level packaging has been considered as a cost-effective next generation highly integrated IC packaging technology. This showpiece combines flat panel display and semiconductor assembly technologies that apply sheet molding compound to panel size IC packaging, and replace traditional injection molding process. A low warpage with low stress packaging highly integrated IC package applicable to high end products has been developed.

    Technical Features:

    1 layer RDL+ molding & debonding with dummy dies (I/O pins: 196; Die size: 4mmx4mm), RDL L/S: 20μm/20μm

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