Innovation Association of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology

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I2700 is a Co-exhibition area of the IAWBS.

There are 7 companies in I2700.

​Innovation Association of Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Technology is a national non-profit-making social organization legally registered by the Beijing Municipal Social Organization Registration and Administration Authority, which is a voluntary joint venture of the enterprises of wide bandgap semiconductor R&D, production and application, colleges and universities and Research institutes, etc.


Zhuhai DT Wafer-Tech Co.,LTD is a high-tech company which located in Guangdong Zhuhai High-tech Industrial Zone Jinding Industrial Park. And is committed to the domestic manufacture of III - V compound semiconductor single crystal material based on indium phosphide (InP).


Beijing Ju Rui Zhong Bang Technology Co., Ltd. is a State-level high-tech enterprises with the background of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, professional engaged in laboratory sharing and knowledge achievements transformation. "Mige laboratory" is the brand owned by the company.


Suzhou HRT Electronic Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was invested in June 2010. It is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of cutting, grinding, polishing and other special equipment. At present, the company has obtained 33 patents of cutting type, 25 patents of grinding and polishing type, and 4 software copyrights.

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Cisri-Zhongke Energy Conservation and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, and is a mixed ownership subsidiary of China Iron&Steel Research Institute Group. The main business of Cisri-Zhongke is supply of new materials technology and equipment, including silicon carbide, sapphire, cemented carbide, etc.

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China Science Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. is the designated agent of Japan's Fujibo, Fujimi, RASA, Yasunaga brands in China.The main products are: inorganic materials such as high-purity red phosphorus, gallium, indium, boron oxide, etc.; wafer polishing consumables such as polishing cloth & polishing liquid; wafer cutting machine.

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  • 碳化硅晶片——北京天科合达半导体股份有限公司
    公司的产品主要包括:2~4英寸碳化硅晶片(2~6Inch SiC Substrates)、碳化硅单晶生长设备(SiC Single Crystal Growth Equipment)、碳化硅晶体切割、晶片加工及清洗返抛服务(Ingot Processing&Wafer Surface Processing Service)、碳化硅宝石晶体(SiC Moissanite Crystals)等业务;拥有碳化硅单晶生长、晶体及晶片加工和晶片清洗检测的关键技术。...

  • 产品服务(Profucts&Services):


    We produce 2~6 inch SiC substrates, and 4H N-type, 6H N-type and 4H Semi-insulating are our typical products.


    Self-developed single crystal growth system which can be used for the preparation of 4-6 inch conductive and semi-insulating silicon carbide single crystals.

    Be composed of stainless steel single chamber furnace which has double layer water-cooling system, vacuum system, crucible pulling system, induction heating system, electric control system, intermediate frequency power supply, etc.

    Can be customized and could provide the basic silicon carbide crystal growth technology support.

    3.完整的碳化硅加工生产线, 可以提供从碳化硅晶体切割、晶片研磨、抛光、CMP到清洗检测,以及外延片的清洗返抛等服务。

    Provied services for SiC ingot slicing, wafer lapping, CMP and cleaning, as well as the reclaim of epitaxial wafers.

    4.碳化硅宝石晶体(SiC Moissanite Crystals)

    关键技术(Key Technologies):



    Self-developed a series of key technologies to obtain high quality silicon carbide single crystals: such as the achieving and precisely control of the appropriate crystal growth zone temperature and temperature gradient, maintenance of carrier gas flow and pressure, as well as special treatment to seed wafers and raw materials.



    Self-developed key technologies for silicon carbide ingot&wafer processing: select the appropriate abrasive materials and appropriate processing recipe to slice, grind, polish and CMP silicon carbide ingot&wafer, obtained good flatness and surface quality silicon carbide wafers which are applicable for the use of epitaxial and device customers.



    Self-developed silicon carbide wafer surface treatment, cleaning and packaging technologies so that the wafers are in epi-ready condition. Established strict inspection methods and test standards to guarantee the quality of products.

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