Kanematsu Corporation

Minato-ku,  Tokyo 
  • Booth: N481
  • - 4th Floor

We will exhibit advanced Semiconductor equipments.

We are major trading house in Japan. -Since 1889-


Kanematsu has a long experience to deal with the semiconductor equipment. We have not only a wide range of product lines but also a domestic and overseas support structures.

We keep trying to discover cutting-edge technologies all over the world. We are uniquely commercializing them with good partnership and we are trying to develop them as the de-facto industry standards that also meet the needs of the customers. We have good flexibilities to satisfy the needs of the customers and it makes a good relationship with them.

We will exhibit and can introduce the most advanced Semiconductor equipment in Japan. Please feel free to contact us!


  • I-Bit X-ray Imaging System
    I-Bit is a company specialized in development, manufacturing of industrial X-ray equipment. (Inspection of wafer, PCB, IC, Electric components and so on.)...

  • 〇FLX-1000 (Inspection for IC wire bonding)

    1. Enables to X-ray investigate the internal state of the IC component on the lead frame.

    2. FLX is capable of automatically inspection (OK/NG) of the connection status of the wire bonding die attachment, contamination and so on.

       〇ILX-2000(Inspection with 3D X-ray stereo method)

    1. Using i-Bit's unique ''Stereo Type Method'' enable us to look at solder joints beneath components such as BGAs.

    2. Enables inspection without any interference from the opposite side of the board.

    3. ILX is capable of handling small boards with a minimum size of 50mm by 50mm to large boards with a maximum size of 510mm by 460mm.

       〇SIX-3000(Inspection for solder bump on a wafer)

    1. Auto-inspection system and pass/fail evaluation for bumps on a water.

     2.  Voids (air bubbles) embedded in a wafer are transmitted by using X-ray, the diameter (dimensions) of void is measured on the acquired image, and pass/fail evaluation is carried out automatically when the diameter exceed the criteria.

    MTEX is a company specialized in development, manufacturing of AUTO MOLDING MACHINE and MOLDs....

  • 1.ATOM-FZ is equipped with a high-performance press, or SUPER FLAT PRESS which can keep

            equalization of surface pressure even for large lead-frames. This machine enables to mold with

            reduced stress or damage on the products.


     2.Corresponding to a wide variety of lead-frames, substrates and molding compounds,

          ATOM-FZ is a mold machine that enables production in a high-performance surface pressure

          uniform press (SUPER FLAT PRESS) and clean environment.


      3.   ATOM-FZ, an advanced and attentive mold machine, that MTEX which has an assembly house has developed.

           This SUPER FLAT PRESS which brings innovation to the molding equipment promises high quality and stable production.
    INTEGRATED BURN-IN SYSTEM can transfers racks automatically, without burn-in-board operator....


    1.Equipment occupied area ratio      10% Down!

    2.   Operator - hour ratio                  70% Down!

    3.   Production efficiency                  60% Up!

    Following functions reduce waiting time for operator !

    • Automation initial check
    • Automation rack transfer between burn-in Loader/Unloader to burn-in equipment
    • Automation switching of product type and operation start
    Automation Change Kit exchanging
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