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  • 經濟部工業局致力於推動國內半導體設備產業升級,委由金屬中心執行「先進封裝設備計畫」,聯合工業技術研究院提供半導體設備產業後勤支援,從引進設備外商在台投資及建立供應鏈,到整合產、研開發關鍵零組件、整機設備聯盟、引進國際技術合作,並且提供先期驗證及測試服務,協助國內零組件廠滿足客戶品質需求,加速產品進入客戶產線時程,經過長期耕耘已成功推廣至國內晶圓廠、封裝廠及系統廠。

    為推廣計畫執行成果並強化國內產品市場能見度,將結合「SEMICON Taiwan」展覽舉行成果發表,於107年9月5至7日假台北南港展覽館1樓K2276攤位展出,在此誠摯地邀請業界先進蒞臨指導。




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    精密電子板金/Precision Sheet Metal

    機械外罩板金/Machine Enclosures



    除泡烤箱/Void Termination System


    純水藥用閥/Valve for chemical liquids


    電漿應用設備/Application of Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning, Plasma Dicing and Microwave Plasma Ashing in Advanced Package Industry





  • With the aim of promoting Taiwan's semiconductor equipment industry, the Metal Industries Research and Development Center (MIRDC) has been commissioned by MOEA's Industrial Development Bureau to assist the industry in the development of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, parts & components, as well as logistics support from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). By attracting foreign investments, building supply chains, facilitating integrated production processes, manufacturing key components, developing alliances with machine-tool makers, securing international technical cooperation, and providing early validation and testing services, the MIRDC is focused on assisting domestic parts and components manufacturers with satisfying costumer demands for product quality, and ensuring a faster turnaround for the products to enter customer's production lines. The MIRDC has already accomplished substantial achievements from its long-term efforts, and has successfully promoted its operations in domestic wafer fabrication plants, packaging facilities, and system factories.

    In order to promote the implementation of the program and strengthen the visibility of the domestic product market, this event will combine with of the exhibition "SEMICON Taiwan" from September 5 to September 7 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, at 1st Floor, K2276 booth. We sincerely invite you to attend.

    Since the enthusiastic response on the debut in Semicon 2015 the first-ever invite of the MIRDC and various domestic manufacturers under its tutelage showcased Taiwan's equipment and component manufacturing capabilities, with a wide array of key products on display. This year, MIRDC and the co-exhibitors will also demonstrate breakthrough technologies in the industry. By offering multi-domain services and developments, the MIRDC hopes that both domestic and foreign buyers will gain a better understanding of Taiwan's potential in the production of equipment and components.

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    Featured Products

    Hwaguo Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

    • Precision Sheet Metal
    • Machine Enclosures

    AblePrint Technology Co., Ltd.

    • IC advanced packaging process defoaming solution, Defoaming oven /Void Termination System

    Maing Chau Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    • Valve for chemical liquids

    Creating Nano Technologies

    • Application of Atmosphere Plasma Cleaning, Plasma Dicing and Microwave Plasma Ashing in Advanced Package Industry

    Metal Industries Research and Development Center (MIRDC)

    • Original supply chain analysis and introduce
    • Local PVD Equipment(SkyTech Group)
    • International technical cooperation and extension.
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