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AS Strömungstechnik welcomes you. With QC-System!

About AS Strömungstechnik

As one of the leading manufacturers of chemical dispense systems, AS provides customers from various chemical process industries with the patented QC-System (Quick Connect Dispense System), worldwide. Furthermore, AS develops and produces complete ready-to-connect systems, serial parts, customized products and complex devices from high performance plastics. Intelligent solutions made in Germany.


  • Dispense Heads
    Dispense chemicals more quicker and more efficiently. Choose from our over 100 dispense head variants. From simple sample dispensing to automated processes. Completely made of high purity plastics....

  • Dispense Heads with Limit Switches

    The AS dispense heads – including those featuring limit switches directly on the head or in the shut-off valve – are available for signalling with a secure connection.


    • No spillage caused by incorrect or incomplete mounting
    • No electrical components touching the product

    Safe in hazardous areas

    Conductive versions for potentially explosive environments.


    • Manufactured entirely from plastic, no metal parts

    Faster with high-flow version

    The G-Series dispenses a 1000-liter tote in just 10 minutes, for example.


    • Highly efficient dispensing and filling with flow rates of up to 150 l/min

    Report empty status easily – fully automatically

    Dispense heads with integrated bubble sensor enable automatic operation.


    • Signalling when the container is completely emptied
    • Enables, for example, actuation of the pump, switching between two containers and control of lights or signal horns

    Customised combinations​

    Combine individually with the modular system within the QC2, QC3 or G-series: Materials, hose connections, valve variants, ventilation types and O-rings. Plus various additional options.

  • Dip Tubes
    Over 1000 standard variants. Custom-made and preinstalled. For virtually every length, for every container!...

  • Optional bellows-type length compensator for virtually complete  emptying.

    Compatible with all containers– be it a 5-litre jerry can or a 1000-litre tote.

    We provide our dip tubes pre-coded to a specific chemical as well as un-coded. This allows the chemical supplier to code the dip tubes in a per need basis, giving the opportunity to store universal dip tubes instead of having the need of storing a variety of pre-coded dip tubes.

  • Complete Systems and Liquid Handling Equipment
    The QC-System is also available as a complete system: With dispense head, hoses, pump, ventilation, fill level detection and the appropriate electrics in the switch box. Furthermore, we provide various liquid handling products for every application....

  • Ready-to-use complete systems

    • Standard and customized - stationary or mobile.

    Convoluted PFA Tubing

    • Always flexible handling and also for applications that include EX-Areas.

    Dual Hoses

    • Inside PFA and an outside PVC tubing. Flexible handling and double containment.

    Level and Overfilling Measurement

    • From the outside - with pedestals for various containers.
    • From the top – versions for every container.

    Quick Connect Couplings PTFE

    • Chemically resistant fluid couplings - free of dead legs and contaminants.

    Strainers PTFE

    • Universally chemical resistant and suitable for cleanrooms. With removable filter basket.

    Plastic Fittings

    • The perfect fitting for every application. Standard and customized made of high purity plastics.
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