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Silvaco, Inc. is a leading EDA provider of software tools used for process and device development and for analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design. The portfolio also includes tools for power integrity sign off, reduction of extracted netlist, variation analysis and also production-proven intellectual property (IP) cores. Silvaco delivers a full TCAD-to-Signoff flow for vertical markets including: displays, power electronics, optical devices, radiation & soft error reliability, analog and HSIO design, library and memory design, advanced CMOS process and IP development. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia. For over 30 years, Silvaco has enabled its customers to bring superior products to market in the shortest time with reduced cost. Semiconductor fabs and design houses from around the globe have relied on Silvaco’s expertise to help develop the “technology behind the chip”. Silvaco’s mission is to help our customers accelerate the pace of technological innovation and their time to market while reducing their costs in developing the next-generation chips. We strive to understand our customers’ challenges so as to tailor the innovative products, services and support they need to succeed in their technology development and productivity goals.

 Press Releases

  • Silvaco是一家專為半導體工藝及IC器件開發,以及模擬/混合信號、功率整合電路和記憶體設計提供軟件工具的EDA (Electronic Design Automation) 電子自動化設計供應商。公司創建於1984年,成立至今已逾30年,其總部位於美國加州聖塔克拉拉,並在北美、歐洲、日本和亞洲均設有辦事處,擁有一群專業且經驗豐富的工程師持續開發更準確的物理模型以及更快速的演算法,為全球用戶提供最佳產品和技術支援。


    自Silvaco創立以來,世界各地的半導體工廠和設計公司都依賴其軟件專業知識,並開發出「晶片背後的技術」,製成運轉所有消費類電子產品的晶體管。Silvaco還擁有縮減寄生電阻電流技術,將模擬時間縮減,準度又不失精準,幫助客戶加快技術創新的步伐和產品上市時間,同時為他們開發能數字革命的下一代晶片,進而降低成本。此外,Silvaco為縱向市場提供了從物理模擬到設計完成(TCAD to Signoff)的完整流程,包括顯示器、功率電子、光學設備、輻射和軟錯誤可靠性和先進的CMOS工藝和IP開發,使其客戶能夠降低成本並在最短的時間內向市場推出優秀的產品。公司也會不定期為客戶舉辦軟體課程教學,只要是付費客戶都能接受免費授課,若有新員工加入,也能至公司進行教學,不另外收鐘點費。除相關課程外,舉辦研討會和網路演講也能幫助在軟體應用方面有疑問的客戶,並提供業界交流的平台,彼此吸收知識。



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