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“WISE WIT”, we look forward to meet you at our booth

Wise Wit Co., Ltd. has been established for three decades and is specialized in providing sales and services of pneumatic pumps, liquid pumps, and laboratory instruments. We service Gast, Hiblow, Gentilin, Welch, Werther, UNi-CROWN and many more.

The products we represent cover Vacuum Pumps, Air Pumps, Air Compressors, Air Motors, Blowers, Peristaltic Pumps, Metering Pumps, Gaseous Sampling Pumps as well as the related accessories such as Gauges, Flow Meters, Filters, Valves, Tubing, and so on. These products are all from USA, Japan and some European countries, and have achieved ISO 9001, 14001 Certification and the CE Directives to meet the demands of our customers. Most of our products are mainly sold to Electronic Industries, Automatic Machinery, Printing, Food Packaging, Environmental Protection, Health Care, Medical and Laboratories. Our managerial goal is to provide high-quality products and reasonable prices to our customers. Today we therefore have been recognized as a major pumps’ supplier in the market and rewarded by constant orders from customers.

For so many years, our company has sold numerous pumps to the market and we also put great importance on our after- sales services. Our company has an engineering department which offers all the after sales services. The service engineers in our company are trained by the original makers and are qualified to offer our customers the same quality of after-sales services.

To satisfy our customers’ immediate demand and service requirements, we put huge capital to prepare great amount of stocks in case of any emergent needs. Even it is very difficult to prepare full stocks of all represented products, we still replenish our stocks with plans to cope with sudden requirements. 

Regarding every measure and investment mentioned above, the ultimate goal of our company is to serve our customers and to supply our customers with all kinds of pumps they need.

 Press Releases

  • Vacuums are used in Semiconductor  for packaging, drying, suction and pick-and-place. 

    真空及空壓的應用多半在測試製程(Initial Test and Final Test)

    例如:自動包裝機(半導體元件使用圓盤料帶 CARRIER TAP)、LED封裝機、CCD自動檢測設備、

    DIP/SOP 自動切腳成型機、高精度點膠機、半導體IC檢測包裝機、精密塗佈膠製程


    GAST 86R 87R真空空壓兩用幫浦,可用於吸附移載,做判斷檢測。測包機、載帶機、塗佈機

    GAST DOA DAA MOA MAA全鐵氟龍幫浦,可耐強酸強鹼,做蝕刻的製程

    Schwarzer EC系列,無刷DC馬達可做穩定、微正壓的推動


    Rotary Vane air compressors and vacuum pumps are used in thousands of applications worldwide. Available in oilless, lubricated, motor-mounted, and separate drive styles, they offer a wide choice of capabilities....

  • The easy to install, rugged 0523 allows for higher vacuum levels and provides better internal corrosion protection and longer life. Their internal sound suppression results in lower operating noise levels, which makes them well suited for noise sensitive environments like medical, dental and laboratory applications. In addition, these compact units offer high flow, pulse free air– making them ideal for applications requiring consistent air pressure and air flow. 

    Thermal Protection

    The thermal over load protection protects motor windings from damage should the pump become stalled during operation. (AC models)

    Low Maintenance

    Vanes and filters are easily serviceable to extend the life of the product and maximize uptime.


    Gauges, hose barbs, regulators, carrying handle, cord with on/off switch, foot support assembly, oiler, filter & muffler.