Chain Logic International Corp.

Hsinpu,  Hsinchu County 
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About Chain Logic

Chain Logic International Corp. (CLIC) established in 1994 was located in Hsinchu Taiwan, and our mother company is MPI Corporation which was IPO since 2003. CLIC is a professional agent in Taiwan and provides technologic service for the manufacturing of high-tech industries such as LED, LCD, Semiconductor and etc. CLIC had offered our clients high quality equipment and parts from Europe, USA, Japan and Korea.

CLIC strives to continually deliver world-class service to our customers to assist them to optimize their resource utilization. We provide the Optical Testing Solution, IC Package Material, Advance Test Solution, Thermal Test and Laser Solution to customers. Through our aggressive localized service support policy, CLIC has established the service center at Taichung and Tainan.

CLIC dedicates to technical innovation, commit to deliver what was promised to win customer satisfaction. We are looking forward to be long term partnership with customers and our mission is to provide value as well as competitiveness to customers.

About MPI Corporation

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, MPI Corporation is a global technology leader in Semiconductor, Light Emitting Diode (LED), Photo Detectors, Lasers, Materials Research, Aerospace, Automotive, Fiber Optic, Electronic Components and more. MPI’s four main business sectors include Probe Card, Photonics Automation, Advanced Semiconductor Test and Thermal Divisions. MPI products range from various advanced probe card technologies, probers, testers, material handlers, inspection and thermal air systems. Many of these products are accompanied by state-of-the-art Calibration and Test & Measurement software suites. The diversification of product portfolio and industries allows a healthy environment for employee growth and retention. Cross pollination of product technologies allows each new innovation to provide differentiation in areas that are meaningful to our precious customer base.


  • TS3500 Series with WaferWallet™
    TS3500 and TS3500-SE are equivalent in features to MPI’s well-known and established TS3000 and TS3000-SE 300 mm probe stations with the added fully-automated capability by configuring or upgrading with MPI’s unique WaferWallet™....

  • Common practice for Device Characterization in the Modeling and New Technology Development processes is to extract data from a typical few wafers via extremely accurate IV-CV, 1/f, RF, mmW, and Load-Pull measurements. MPI’s WaferWallet™ extends the TS3500 series automation without compromising measurement capability. The WaferWallet™ is designed with five individual trays for manual, ergonomic loading of 150, 200, or 300 mm “modeling” wafers. Fully-Automated tests with up to five identical wafers at different temperatures are now possible.

  • ThermalAir TA-5000A
    The ThermalAir Series Environmental Test System is for localized temperature testing on various types of test application, bringing precise thermal capabilities to where temperature testing is needed....

  • MPI ThermalAir Series Localized Temperature Test Systems are used in applications such as semiconductor, microwave RF and other electronic/ non-electronic component product design, development and thermal testing in engineering test. MPI Thermal Test Systems are portable for bringing temperature capabilities to the test locations and easily integrated into existing test setups. We also design and manufacture thermal chambers, direct contact thermal systems and ultra-cold chillers.

  • FW Probe Card
    MPI FW Probe Cards are known as the fine pitch vertical solution when probing on pad....

  • MPI FW Probe Cards are here to serve as a reliable vertical solution for wafer-level testing, including wafer acceptance test (WAT) and engineering test. Built with its wire type needle, the cards are applicable to fine pitch probing on pad. The round tip gives an advantage of high-quality planarity and small probe mark, while the special coating technique on the C4 pad stabilizes FW cards’ contact resistance (CR), hence provide an effective test experience to semiconductor product.

  • S6 Fully Auto Wafer/Chip Probe System
    The S6 Fully Auto Wafer/Chip Probe System features a flexible probing platform and a highly efficient loading system. The system is designed to address the challenges for the emergent applications for Sensing and Optic Communications testing markets....

  • The S6 Fully Auto Wafer/Chip Probe System is designed to address the challenge for the emergent applications for Sensing and Optic Communications markets. Features a flexible probing platform and a highly efficient loading system, the system delivers optimal testing capability to meet various requirements for Photo Detectors, VCSEL, and other optical communication device applications. For Photo Detector application, S6 provides low noise level dark current (DC) testing, accurate light source, responsivity measurement, and optoelectronic measurements. Towards VCSEL application, S6 supports Light-current-voltage (LIV) sweep test, Far Field (FF) measurement, and Near Field (NF) measurement. Furthermore, MPI also provides various measurement optic options and a wide range of accessories such as chuck systems, probe cards, and positioners with force control edge sensors that facilitates excellent support and creates a flexible testing platform matches to your specific needs.