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ITW EAE, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc., is the global leader in process knowledge, services and manufacture of capital equipment used in the printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor industries. The group brings together the world’s leading brands of electronics assembly equipment: MPM Printers, Camalot Dispensers, Electrovert Cleaners and Soldering Solutions, Vitronics Soltec Soldering Solutions and Despatch Thermal Processing Technology. For more information visit

 Press Releases

  • Camalot Announces PCB Temperature Monitoring on Prodigy Dispenser to Ensure Underfill Process Stability

    Hopkinton, Massachusetts, May 20, 2019 – ITW EAE is introducing a patent pending option for the Camalot Prodigy dispenser that was developed to ensure process stability and increase yields for underfill applications. In applications where board heat is required, a constant product temperature through the dispense process is critical to ensure process stability and repeatability. Underfill materials vary in viscosity and filler types, therefore the heat requirement for the board also varies.

    The new IR (Infrared) Temperature Sensors measure in “real time” the top-side board temperature which allows the system to provide closed-loop control to maintain the product within the specified temperature range. 

    The sensors provide a closed loop, fail safe means to monitor and control the “top side” board temperature through each of the process zones (pre-heat, dispense heat and post-heat zones), which are typically used during the underfill process. The passive IR sensors can be configured in any or all three conveyor zones in single or dual lane systems.

    “Closed-loop control of the heat process is critical when dispensing underfill,” said Hugh Read, ITW EAE Dispenser Group Business Manager. “Yields are impacted due to poor capillary flow when the board temperature is outside of specified tolerance range. IR sensors ensure higher quality by improving heat stability during the dispense process.”

    Camalot is a brand of ITW EAE, a division of Illinois Tools Works, Inc. They are a leading manufacturer of automated dispensing equipment for the printed circuit board, semiconductor, hybrid, automotive, industrial and medical industries. ITW EAE brings together world-leading brands of electronics assembly equipment including MPM, Camalot, Electrovert, Vitronics Soltec, and Despatch. For more information visit

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  • MPM® Edison™ Printer
    Designed for semiconductor yield improvement - The Edison is the most accurate printer in the market, with advanced technology needed for ultra-fine pitch and micro aperture printing processes.<br />...

  • The MPM® Edison™ meets the challenge of component miniaturization in the semiconductor market with proven print process capability greater than 2 Cpk for 0201 metric components.

    • ±8μ @ 6 sigma alignment repeatability (≥2 Cpk)
    • Optimal coplanarity: Ultra-tight coplanarity between stencil and substrate
    • No print deviation: Single load-cell closed-loop squeegee-force control eliminates front-to-back variation and maintains set force across the entire board surface
    • Highly effective stencil wiping: Patented paper tension control
    • Contamination free print area: Separate wiping and printing zone prevents cross contamination
    • Secured thin substrate for consistent print quality: Venturi adjustable vacuum system
    • Consistent printing quality and stencil protection: Large, flat blade-landing zone
    • Minimized changeover: Super-size 65m paper roll
    • Adaptable down to18-inch stencil: Adjustable stencil shelf and adapter
    • Small footprint: Compact design
    • Industry 4.0 connectivity: OpenApps for customizable MES interface
  • Camalot® Prodigy™ dispensing system
    Smarter, Faster and Highly Versatile<br />The Prodigy™ employs breakthrough technology to enable higher process speeds, more precise accuracies, tighter tolerances, and higher yields for the semiconductor market....

  • The Prodigy™ dispenser is designed and built to deliver high-speed, extremely accurate dispensing. A state-of-the-art XY gantry system is the heart of the system. A rigid frame design and advanced linear drive enables fast point to point moves, high accuracy and long term repeatable performance.

    NuJet™ is a new jetting technology for the Prodigy that eliminates the use of a needle and incorporates a state-of-the-art pneumatic actuator that generates an operating frequency of up to 300Hz.  

    Dynamic Dual Head™ (DDH) offers the unique ability to double dispense speed while maintaining the highest level of accuracy for both dispense pumps. The patented design corrects for part to part rotation in “real-time” allowing synchronous dispensing of both pumps. 

    New IR Temperature Sensors measure in “real time” the top-side board temperature. Closed-loop control maintains the product within the specified temperature range ensuring process stability and increasing yields for underfill applications