CSI Chemical Co. Ltd.

New Taipei City, 
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  • - 1st Floor

CSI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. 提供多樣有機矽產品,並提供相關技術服務與解決方案,以滿足市場多樣化的需求。產品為光學用特殊膠材、接着填縫固定膠、封裝保護灌注膠、防潮絕緣披覆膠、LED專用封裝膠、高導熱率散熱膏

CSI Chemical offers a variety of silicone products and to provide a comprehensive portfolio of silicone solutions to meet a broad array of handling and performance needs in different industries. Products are RTV silicone materials, Thermal conductive materials, Coating materials, Potting materials, LED encapsulants, Liquid optical clear adhesive, ODF sealant.