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NADA-ELITE TECH Expert of Automation in the world

We are former PST/Asyst/Rorze employees who reformed after Asyst closed Austin site and immense automation/robot expertise we have drawing from global automation experiences Our main focus is on engineering and customer service and we owned 35% market share in sorter and automation business.

  • Nada elite technologies is focus on automation field of semiconductor and TFT
  • NADA has already developed many kinds of semiconductor special-purpose wafer sorters and conveyed the apparatus
  • NADA succeed in, improve many kinds of OEM equipment shortcoming, up productive rate or reduce produce losses if the equipment has wafer scraps or broken issue
  • For semiconductor FAB most cost saving purposes, succeed in many kinds of OEM maintenance of equipment ability in local, offers faster maintenance service with high quality.

           In order to improve the quality of maintaining in an all-round way, nada prepares the

Spare parts of all main-equipment and gets the spare parts ready, shorten the lead time.

    Nada Elite have the most intact ROBOT to maintain, improve and research and develop technology, cooperates closely with customer, offer the intact supply and demand relation.


    NADA Elite have most intact ROBOT stock plan, offer most fast and effective service system then.

      NADA Elite have the most intact parts stock, offer the quickest maintenance to hand in one.

  1. NADA Elite to offer the most intact automation service group, offer comprehensive automation service.

  2. NADA Elite have the intact semiconductor part to supply the system, the part is managed in the storehouse, reach zero and lack the material, hand in a fastest management policy.

       NADA Elite offer the most intact technology to assess and analyze, offer the solution most suitable for

  the customer.