Hauman Technologies Corporation

Zhubei,  Hsinchu 
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  • - 4th Floor

A leading ASP for high tech industry

Hauman Technologies Corp. provides Semiconductor/Optoelectronics Equipment & Material as follows:                                                                                                                          

* Hauman: HP-1000, Auto LED Wafer/Chip Prober; HP100 Test System for LED wafer

* MIT: Wafer to Wafer-To-Tape&Reer, IC Package Inspection and Sorting;

* Novtek: Flash Memory Cycling System; 

* Suhwoo: Strip Grinding System;

* Vitronic: Solar Cell Inspection;

* Halm: I-V measuring and sun simulating system for PV cell and module manufacturing


  • NTS-3800H
    FLASH Memory Endurance Cycling Systems...

  • 應用範圍 / Applications : 
    半導體測試廠 / IC RA Testing House

     Features: NTS3800H 200°C Flash Memory Cycling System

    FLASH memory endurance cycling systems are used to characterize and qualify the write/erase cycling endurance of FLASH memory devices, and to conduct functional testing of memory devices at extreme temperatures.  A typical system consists of an environmental chamber, algorithmic pattern generator, programmable power supplies and system controller.
    Novtek’s systems can accommodate from 64 to 768 devices.  In addition to FLASH, the systems can also accommodate PC Cards (PCMCIA), EEPROM, EPROM, Mask ROM, SRAM, FeRAM, DRAM, FLASH embedded microcontrollers and FLASH based FPGA Other Typical NVM (NOR,NAND,PRAM,MRAM, etc).  The system's environmental chamber has a range of -55oC to +200oC and is ideal for temperature characterization of most memory based devices and packages.

  • HVS-3300
    IIC Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)/CIS Chip Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)...

  • Features : 
    Customize Vision System
    High Resolution & High Capability Vision Algorithm
    Multi-inspection System (6S & 3D) for Different Component
    High Throughput Handler Platform
    Additional Inspection Vision Station for Function Extension
    User-friendly and Direct Operation Software System
    Auto Vision Calibration & Auto Nozzle Pitch Teaching
    Device Placement Check System
    Hardware & Software 100% Design by Hauman Team
    Wide range of device type available
  • SG-2000D
    SG-2000D Fully Automatic Strip Grinding System...

  • SG-2000D Fully Automatic Strip Grinding System
     - Fully Auto System for Optimization Mass Production
        Auto Load/Unload for Magazine in & Magazine out
     - Applying for Various Strip Size
     - Quick & Easy Conversion
     - High Accuracy Grinding
     - Vision Inspection for process monitoring
     - TTV measurement available
  • CAERUS C320
    CAERUS C320: Wafer to Wafer-To-Tape&Reer...

  • Applications: Wafer Level CSP etc.
    • Fully Automated System
    • Up to 12 inch Wafer Handling
    • Patented Dual Pick & Place / Dual Flipper Module (Patent Number – 166199)
    • Complete Surface Inspection (CSI) Solution consisting of up to 7 camera station which include :-
    Bump Co-planarity & Bump Height
    Die Side Wall Defects with Filtered Image Technology down to 10 um defect size
    Active Die Area Inspection
    Bump Side Inspection before placement into tape
    Through Tape Inspection
    • High Accuracy Recon with +/- 20 um placement
    • Tape & Reel Output
  • cetisPV-CT-L1 / cetisPV-B
    I-V measuring and sun simulating system for PV cell and wafer manufacturing...

  • Applications:
    h.a.l.m. develops and delivers high-end measuring systems forphotovoltaic technologies. Although h.a.l.m. puts a lot of effort into visual inspection and other advanced analysis, the general task is to measure the electrical characteristic of photovoltaic specimen.
    •cetisPV-CT-L1- IV curve-tracer, 3Quadrant active load
    •cetisPV-BI- Digital Interface to cell-sorter
    •cetisPV-XF2- IEC class AAA Xenon cell-flasher
    IV Curve Tracer
    The heart of h.a.l.m. systems is the curve tracer cetisPV-CTL1, which measures the IV curves of PV cells or modules. IV curves are measured by connecting the PV specimen to a varying load. h.a.l.m. uses active electronical 3-quadrant loads, which allow measurements in negative voltage and even negative-current zones. This enables dark curves, advanced analysis, and more reliability in measuring Voc and Isc.
    Following the h.a.l.m. philosophy of enabling as much flexibility and edit ability as possible, the sweep of the active electronical 3-quadrant load can be configured in numerous ways. Users can control direction, speed, timing, and measuring point distribution in order to get the best results out of their specific cell technology. The h.a.l.m. load even allows hysteresis measurements within one single flash, which allows measuring of high- efficiency cell technologies.
    Sun Simulation
    The class A+A+A+ h.a.l.m. xenon flashers cetisPV-XF2 are outstanding in many ways. Due to the sophisticated power-regulation system, the flasher is able to do freely defined light pulses. This offers highly time-stable flashes with an irradiance variation of less than 0.5% during flashes of up to 200 ms. Above that, the flash can be configured with several intensity steps to measure the IV curves of several irradiances within one flash (e.g. 1000 W/m², 500 W/m² and 200 W/m²). The flash curve may also contain a decreasing ramp to enable the Suns-Voc evaluation. 
    In the last years, h.a.l.m. has put a lot of effort in improving its spectral performances. The newest filter goes far beyond the IEC class A requirements. The spectral mismatch below 12.5% can be considered as class A+. 
    Not just in spectral mismatch and temporal stability but also in spatial  uniformity the h.a.l.m. sun simulator exceeds class A with a non-uniformity of <1% for module testers.The power segment of the flash-control device is designed to allow long light pulses as well as short recharging times. For cell lines, the newest heavy duty system is able to run 60ms flashes in 1 s cycles. For module systems, repetition rates of 10 s with 60 ms flashes can be achieved.
  • VINSPEC solar
    Solar Inspection...

  • Applications:
    Wafer Inspection
    Infrared inspection
    Visible light inspection
    Cell Inspection
    ARC inspection
    Print inspection
    Cell tester
    Module Inspection
    Cell inspection
    String inspection
    Backend inpsections
    VINSPECsolar - inspection of wafers and solar cells
    VINSPECsolar carries out microcrack inspections, contour and surface inspections and even inspections of the front and rear print in the production cycle in the production of wafers and solar cells. 
    Actively improve your processes by utilizing the machine vision system VINSPECsolar. - All inspection values can be transmitted to MES systems in databases, as well as in standardized interfaces.