SIGMA Technology Corporation

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  • - 1st Floor

Welcome to Sigma and let us create a win-win situation

Sigma Technology Corp. is established in Jul-2004, while the former entity SIGMA started the electronics business in 1972, an integrated supplier of capital equipment, instrument and consumable material for front-end wafer fab, back-end IC packaging house, Surface Mount Technologies accounts, Solar Cell, Fuel Cell, LED Package and Graphics inkjet. Sigma Tech have tens of years experience and is recognized as a proven distributor of several remarkable principals. The sales and service reputation of Sigmatek is prevailed throughout the market in Taiwan and China.


  • Sawatec 微影製程設備 Hotplates : HP series
    Hotplate HP系列專為黃光,MEMS和類似應用中的典型軟烤和硬烤製程而開發。 溫度範圍默認設計為高達250-300°C。 設定溫度和溫度曲線具更窄的區間,這意味著可以實現更高的膜後均一性。 HP系列具有高度的均勻性和高精度的工藝可重複性,因此令使用者信任。 它可用於直徑最大為150 - 300mm,厚度最大為5 - 20mm的基板。...

  • - 具有數字設定和實際值顯示的溫度控制
    - 自動溫度限位開關,防止過熱
    - 有安全玻璃的熱板,易於清潔
    - 易於調整水平的加熱板,提高光阻膜厚均一性
    - 手動真空基板固定
    - 手動裝載和卸載基板


    HP-150 對應150mm面積,最大5mm厚度基板
    HP-200 對應200mm面積,最大18mm厚度基板