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1.Seismic Monitor

2.On-Line Oxygen Analyzer

3.Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer for Food Packaging LC-750F

4.Gas Calibration Laboratory

5.Industrial Safety Sanitation Equipment

6.O2 Gas Calibration.Maintenance

7.Seismic Monitoring Calibration.Maintenance


  • On-line Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Model:LC-860
    Toray Oxygen analyzer, Model LC-860 series are developed for the application of controlling and monitoring in Electronic Industry, based on a long experience with Toray unique zirconium oxide sensing technology. <br />...

  • Specifications

    GAS&RANGE:O2 0-0.1PPM/10PPM/100PPM/1000PPM                   

                             0-1%/10%/100%VOL Switch Automatically

       Display:LED Display ; Digital

       Response Time:Within 90 sec


       Sampling:Continuous Suction

       RS-232C port enclosed

       Power : AC 110V

  • Seismic Monitoring Model:SW-54T
    English Touch panel of interface.<br />Characteristic cycle 0.1 second stepping computed based on 25 1-degree of freedom simulation filters.<br />This system performs real-time computations with earthquake generation time....

  • Specifications

       Spectrum intensity range: 0 ~ 1500 kine

       Acceleration Range:1~3000Gal (3-component vector product)

       Alarm Step :  Upper limit 3-step(ALM1~10),1a contact(Photo MOS relay)

       Alarm Setting Value : Acceleration5~999Gal、1a contact(Photo MOS relay)

       A : a.External reset terminal  (Reset by no-voltage a contact)

       DC Output : DC4~20mA、Load0~300Ω

       Power Supply : AC 100V±10%

       Power Consumption :≦10W
  • On-line Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Model:TF-21D201
    Extremely small sensor enabling measuring in % and 0-10ppm range.<br />Four measuring ranges in % and 0-10ppm selectable.<br />Range switching with local/remote/auto range selections.<br />Free NC/NO upper and lower alarm setting....

  • Specifications

    GAS & RANGE: 0~10/100/1000PPM,0~25%

        Warm up time: 3 min

    Sensor: TF-21

    Output Signal : 4-20mA0-5V


        Response Time: 30sec 

        Flow Rate: 0.5 ± 0.1 L/min

        Measuring Level: 0~10ppm