Happy Pole, Ltd.

  • Booth: M0334
  • - 4th Floor

Happy Pole Ltd.

Since 1979, Happy Pole Ltd.(HPL) has been growing together with semiconducor and relevant electronic industries in Taiwan for 40 years.

HPL not only specializes in equipment/production supplies of IC/LED assemblies, such as mounter for dicing & backside grinding, taping & detaping system for B/G, UV curing m/c, Expander m/c, CO2 antistatic system, measurement/calibration instrument, wafer thickness measuring system, edge polishing system, coater/developer m/c, cleaner, dryer, second hand dicer/grinder machines, and production supplies, tools such as saw blade, metal/plastic film frame, cassette, single wafer packing, cutting/grinding tape, tweezer, vacuum pen..etc.

But also in clean room/ESD control consumables,instruments...high quality CMP Roller brushes and other related products such as different types of high quality floor cleaning machines and so on which are based on the professional technology and efficient services. We always work together with customers.   

Furthermore HPL is working closely with SESTO to develop AGV market in Taiwan and China.

SESTO Robotics is a leading robotics company in the field of autonomous technology. Headquartered in Singapore, the company engineers and delivers robotics solutions to global clients seeking to empower their businesses with greater efficiency.

SESTO Robotics 'line of automated guided vehicles(AGVs) are designed to automate traditionally labour-intensive material handling processes such as the transportation of work-in-progress materials between work stations in semiconductor manufacturing plants to movement of bulk materials in warehouses, The implementation of SESTO AGVs and its software system, SESTO will enable global companies to improve their productivity needs.