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Finetech, since its foundation in 1992, has evolved into a leading global supplier of micro assembly and SMD rework equipment for customers involved in microelectronics. Finetech’s sub-micron bonding equipment supports the most precise and complex applications.

In order to support customers at the development stage, and help them transition their processes into production, Finetech has been focusing on efforts to expand its portfolio of automated bonders. Along with its development machines, the company offers semi- and fully automated production systems combining process flexibility, high precision and speed. Finetech works in close partnership with customers - many have grown in parallel with us, forming countless productive relationships over the years. The company serves a broad range of industries, including Datacom & Telecom, Industrial Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Medical Technologies & Life Sciences, Aerospace & Avionics, Automotive, Defense & Security, Energy, as well as universities and research facilities. With subsidiaries on three continents and an extensive global network of representatives, Finetech ensures quick response times, fast on-site service and personal consultation at all times.


  • Fineplacer Lambda 2
    Sub-Micron Bonder - the all-new FINEPLACER® lambda 2 builds on its acclaimed predecessor to set new standards in precision die attach and advanced chip packaging for opto-electronic assemblies and more....

  • The completely revised bonding platform can be easily configured for a wide range of applications for process development or prototyping. Numerous process module options and in-field-retrofit capabilities guarantee maximum technological flexibility to protect your investment in the face of ever-changing challenges.

    Due to an ergonomic machine design and software-supported user guidance, the user remains at the center of action. Powerful optical systems allow the user to keep an overview at all times, even when working in the sub-micron range.

    The FINEPLACER® lambda 2 shares a common module range and innovative operating software with Finetech's automatic bonding systems to ensure a seamless process migration to series production. Ask us about our scalable solutions.

  • Fineplacer Sigma
    Advanced Sub-Micron Bonder - The FINEPLACER® sigma combines sub-micron placement accuracy with a 450 x 150 mm working area and bonding forces up to 1000 N....

  • The system is ideal for all types of precision die bonding and flip chip applications at chip and wafer level. This includes complex 2.5D and 3D IC packages, Focal Plane Arrays (i.e. image sensors), MEMS/MOEMS, and more.

    Placing small devices on large substrates is made possible by the FPXvisionTM optical system design. With this alignment system, the smallest structures at the highest magnification can be viewed across the entire field of view. Moreover, FPXvisionTM introduces pattern recognition to a die bonder with manual alignment.

    The FINEPLACER® sigma embraces all features of an assembly and development platform capable of handling an unlimited spectrum of applications and prepared for future technologies.

  • Fineplacer Pico MA
    Multi-Purpose Bonder - The FINEPLACER® pico ma is our most cost effective bonder designed for prototyping or low-volume production, R&D labs and universities....

  • This versatile platform is used in a wide range of micro assembly applications – such as flip chip bonding, die attach and components requiring a novel bonding approach.
  • Fineplacer Femto 2
    Advanced Sub-Micron Bonder - The FINEPLACER® femto 2 is a fully-automated die bonder with a placement accuracy of 0.3 µm @ 3 sigma that offers unrivaled flexibility for prototyping & production environments....

  • A complete machine enclosure allows very demanding applications in a controlled environment. Fully protected from external influences, the system stands for highly stable assembly processes with the focus on maximum yield.

    The new generation of the femto platform adds numerous innovations to the proven technical basis. This includes the cutting-edge FPXvisionTM. Combined with a refined pattern recognition, this all-new Vision Alignment System opens up a new dimension of application flexibility and accuracy. IPM Command, the fully revamped FINEPLACER® operating software, supports a consistent, ergonomic and clearly structured process development.

    Depending on the requirements, the modular FINEPLACER® femto 2 can be individually configured and retrofitted at any time to support new applications and technologies. This makes the system a perfect tool and reliable companion as applications migrate from product development to production. It covers the entire workflow of inspection, characterization, packaging, final test and qualification in semiconductor, communications, medical and sensor technologies.

  • FineXT 6003
    Large-Area Multi-Chip Bonder - The all new FineXT 6003 is a fully automatic large area die bonder with true multi-chip, multi placement capability for high volume manufacturing....

  • The modular design allows to configure the system for multiple advanced packaging technologies. The machine’s capabilities can be easily enhanced to adapt to new technological trends. Combined with an automatic material handling and tool management system, this ensures a high degree of process flexibility for next-generation optoelectronic and demanding fan-out applications.

    In operation, a speed mode and a precision mode can be flexibly combined. Given the frequently changing precision requirements during the assembly of multi-chip modules, this capability ensures optimal throughput and makes the FineXT 6003 the perfect solution for modern semiconductor production environments.

  • Fineplacer Pico RS
    SMD Rework Station - FINEPLACER® pico rs is an enhanced hot air rework station for assembly and rework of all types of SMD components....

  • The system is a bestseller for professional mobile device rework in high density environments. A high level of process modularity allows all rework process steps within one system. The FINEPLACER® pico rs system is at home in R&D, process development, prototyping and production environments.

    Application area from 01005 up to large BGA on small to medium sized PCBs, with the goal to have highly reproducible soldering results.