Weltall Technology Corporation

  • Booth: L0208
  • - 4th Floor

     Weltall Technology Corporation was established in 2007 by a group of experienced engineers. The headquarter locates in Hsinchu, Taiwan and has service centers in Hsinchu(northern Taiwan), Taichung(central Taiwan) and Tainan(southern Taiwan).

      We provide AMC and VOC(NMHC/CH4/THC) continuous emission monitoring systems and other related instruments and services. We mainly focus on providing gas analyzing services to the electronic industry and related industries, including a variety of analyzers, system design, site pipeline construction, data control software, system integration, operation training, regular maintenance and other after service. We offer the most professional and customized system integration service as well as the best solution and after service according to the customers’ needs.

  • Weltall is not just a distributor. We offer  integrated, customized gas monitoring system, including hardware, software, and maintenance services.
  • Weltall  provides gas monitoring system design and planning, installation, testing, operation, and maintenance of a comprehensive solution.
  • Weltall is a vital company with many relevant experiences, and has installed more than 300 sets of integrated gas monitoring systems. We have considerable market shares in semiconductors, optoelectronics, LED ...... and other industries.
  • Weltall has more than a hundred professionals in response to market demand and company business development, and welcomes more aspiring talents to join us.
  • Wetall is specialized in professional and technical services and offered quality products and services to various industries. We will continue to develop more products and services to suit customers’ needs.

      Our main business is providing various species gas analysis/ monitoring system to electronic industry and other industry. They include analyzers survey & providing, system structure design, job-site tubing, piping & wiring, SCADA, system integration & testing and after services …etc.

      Our new business is focusing on improving quality assurance and quality control in Food and Beverage Safety, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Agriculture, and Pharmaceutical/Medical industries.